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Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island guide: the best places to drop and loot

Warzone's Rebirth Island is a very small map, so make sure to pick your drop wisely to grab the best loot and avoid an untimely death.

20/03/2024 Rebirth Island was removed from Warzone on November 16, 2022, alongside the launch of the 2.0 update. Unfortunately, this means it is currently unavailable. With that said, it has been confirmed that the map will return at some point during 2024, and this guide contains the most up-to-date information since it was last available.

Warzone’s Rebirth Island map is definitely a change of pace from the likes of Urzikstan or the classic Verdansk, though its unique gameplay quickly earned it the approval of the community.

We’re here to guide you through where you should be dropping on Rebirth Island based on our extensive experience, including where the best loot is, where is a bit quieter and safer for inexperienced players, and where the hot drop destination is on this small island.

Unfortunately, Rebirth Island isn’t currently available in Warzone, having been removed on November 16, 2022, alongside the launch of the 2.0 update. Nevertheless, it’s worth getting up to speed if you’re a newcomer or don’t remember this iconic arena as Rebirth Island will be returning in early 2024. So, here’s how the map played in its original incarnation.

Rebirth Island locations

While you will see 11 locations marked with text as you fly over in the drop plane, there are actually 32 separate points of interest on Rebirth Island. However, these unmarked locations aren’t quite as substantial as the marked ones.

The map is essentially a long oval, with Bioweapons Labs at the northern tip and Security Area at the southern tip. In the center of the oval is the main focal point of the map, Prison Block, which is Rebirth Islands’ hot drop location thanks to its great loot and incredibly close-quarters environment.

Rebirth Island buy stations

There are a total of 11 buy stations scattered across Rebirth Island. These are all outside and not inside buildings, making them easily accessible – though also exposed.

Warzone Rebirth Island: An overview of all the buy stations, shown on the map of Rebirth Island.

While most of the buy stations are pretty scattered across the map, there is a group of three quite close together at the northern end of the island between Bioweapons Labs, Decon Zone, and Chemical Engineering Office. This is one of the reasons why this is a popular area for teams to drop, since they won’t have far to travel to buy their loadouts and other goodies to start tearing apart the competition.

Rebirth Island vehicle spawns

There are a total of 18 potential vehicle spawn points on Rebirth Island. However, the word “potential” is important here. Vehicles are not easy to come by as they don’t spawn in set places every time.

There are only three areas where aerial vehicles, such as the highly desirable Attack Helicopter, can spawn: at the southernmost point of the map by Security Area, a helipad on the coast by the small supply depot and watchtower, and atop the small hill on which the big water tower sits by Decon Zone.

Warzone Rebirth Island: A map of Rebirth Island showing all of the vehicle spawns.

For land vehicles such as quad bikes and buggies, 15 spawn points are spread pretty evenly across the map. Given how small the map is, however, land vehicles aren’t all that important.

Rebirth Island ammo caches

There are only five ammo caches on Rebirth Island for you to restock on bullets. Here are the ammo cache locations:

  • The communications station in Security Area
  • Inside Factory
  • The building next to the Construction Site
  • Inside the lookout post
  • Inside the factory section of Chemical Engineering

Rebirth Island best drop locations

Depending on the kind of player you are, this obviously comes down to personal preference, but we’ve found a few great spots to land in Rebirth Island that we think were extremely popular when the map was last available.

Here are the best Rebirth Island drops:

Prison Block

The obvious hot drop is Prison Block, Rebirth Island’s equivalent to Old Town in Urzikstan. It’s a big old building with multiple levels, giving you lots of room to play around with, though most of the fighting takes place in tight corridors. This big point of interest is in a central spot on the map which will be good for rotating to safe zones. It is also the biggest indoor location on Rebirth Island and has a lot of loot.

If you manage to conquer Prison Block following your drop, you will have commanding views of most of the island from the upper levels.


If you’re worried that Prison Block will be a bit too hot for you, then you might want to drop at Headquarters. Located just outside of the prison, two of its three buildings will prove handy to you and your squad.

The Headquarters command centre is a great spot to find loot, and its multiple levels and numerous windows make it a great stakeout spot.

Surveillance Tower

Across the way from the command centre is the surveillance tower, which is going to be a prime spot for snipers. While it isn’t great for loot, you can’t beat having the high ground, and it provides a great view into Prison Block where you can almost guarantee most of the lobby will be early doors.

Warzone Rebirth Island: The surveillance tower location in Rebirth Island, with a smaller house in the background.

Chemical Engineering

The office section of Chemical Engineering is also touted as a top location for loot and is in close proximity to a buy station. This will be great for those wanting to get their loadout drops ASAP.

Security Area

If you’re a bit of a gambler, you may want to roll the dice on dropping at Security Area. Right at the bottom of the island, it is a real choke point with not much loot. But, there is the potential of a helicopter spawn near the watchtower if you want to get your hands on a minigun-equipped chopper in the early game.

There’s the rundown on Rebirth Island folks. Now arm yourself with the best Warzone guns and prepare for the fan-favorite map to return very soon to one of the best FPS games. May your aggressive Prison Block drops be auspicious.