Call of Duty: Warzone secret challenge will unlock the Streetsweeper shotgun

Is it a glitch? Is it a secret? Who cares, you can unlock the Streetsweeper right now

27/12/2020 The Streetsweeper has been removed from players’ inventories in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. However, at present it remains in custom loadouts.

Shotguns have always played a controversial role in Call of Duty’s meta (we’re looking at you, R9-0), and the latest addition to the class is now live in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War – but we’re not sure if it should be.

Billed as a mid-Season One release that would be unlocked through the in-game store or through challenges, the Streetsweeper shotgun is now obtainable and able to be used in games of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer and zombies modes. However, the games do not tell you this, and whether it’s intentional or part of a glitch, a hidden secret challenge is the only way you can get it at the moment.

As seen on PrestigeIsKey’s YouTube channel, players have figured out how to unlock the Streetsweeper through a challenge that is not shown or tracked in-game. You won’t know your progress until you’ve completed it and the gun appears in your create-a-class menu.

How to unlock the Streetsweeper shotgun

So this secret challenge can only be completed in Warzone using only shotguns from Black Ops Cold War: the Gallo SA12 or the Hauer 77.

Using either of these two shotguns, you’ll have to drop into games of Plunder in Warzone (Resurgence mode or standard battle royale modes will not count towards progression). Once in the game, you’ll need to go on a three-kill streak without dying, but all kills must be with your Hauer or Gallo.

You have to do this 15 times in separate matches of Plunder and then the Streetsweeper should be unlocked for you to use. Once unlocked, you’ll be able to tailor it like any other weapon, with a full lineup of attachments and camos to unlock.

While it’s not looking like it will challenge some of the best Warzone guns in the meta right now, it does still pack a heavy punch.

It’s also not clear if this hidden Streetsweeper challenge is a glitch or was intentional. If dropping secret challenges for the community to discover and solve is a new strategy from the developers, then we’re all for it and would love to see more of them in future seasons.