Escape From Tarkov’s final wipe of 2020 is finally here

The patch adds an expansion to Woods too

If you logged onto Escape From Tarkov last night, you’ll probably have spotted an abundance of highly-geared players venturing out into the wild without any sense of direction or plan. That’s because the game’s second wipe of 2020 has finally arrived.

That means that starting from today (December 24), everyone who logs on to play the game will start with a clean slate – no messy inventories, stacks of cash, or weapon caches. If you’ve been looking to get into something more challenging over the festive period, you’ll want to give this a go.

But that’s not all, the new patch also brings with it a whole host of changes, including the long-awaited expansion to Woods, the addition of the KRISS Vector SMG, SIG MCX Assault Rifle, UMP SMG, MK-18, and more. Complicated quests, like the ones dished out by Jaeger have also been simplified for this patch.

We’re also getting more customisation options, so you can finally give your USEC some hair and possibly a new outfit too.

If all of that isn’t enough to tempt you back to the streets of Tarkov, then maybe this will: players will receive a supply package for playing in the first week. There’s no word on what’ll be inside this package, but Battlestate is usually pretty generous.

Here are the Escape From Tarkov 0.12.9 patch notes in full: 

Added and changed

  • Woods expansion
  • Reworked PMC initial gear sets
  • Added customization of head and voice when creating character: for now it’s only two new heads for each faction added. You can’t change head and voice after the character is created. You will be able to do it only after profile reset or wipe
  • Added skill “Immunity”
  • Reworked “Metabolism”
  • Reduced the volume of steps and interaction with vegetation
  • Added chance to cause bleedings to the ammunition. Now some ammo can cause heavy or light bleeding more often than other rounds
  • Now some face shields and glasses will reduce the time of blindness effect from flashbang rounds and grenades
  • Players will be receiving letters with a supply package for the first 7 days of playing
  • Added “All” button in the purchasing menu when buying from dealers via Flea market. Now you can select all available items with a single click
  • Filters in the W-List tab are now modified separately and do not affect other Flea market tabs
  • “Enter” button now confirms the action in most dialogue windows.
  • Slot highlighting when dragging items in your inventory can now be turned off
  • Equipped armbands are now unlootable and can’t be lost upon death
  • The letter with the reward for the exit in cooperation with the scav will now come with a slight delay
  • Containers will apply restriction filters to mods installed on the transported object. I.e., putting a mount with a thermal sight installed on it into a secured container is no longer allowed
  • New equipment and clothing is added: PMC tops and bottoms, body armor, rigs, Smoke balaclava, and tops for the Scavs
    Changed the characteristics of a large number of weapon mods.
  • Simplified the Jaeger quests
  • Updated some quests: changed execution conditions, starting conditions, rewards
  • Reduced bonus of recoil reduction from the recoil control skill and weapon relates practical skills
  • Now character overweight starts at 35 kg. Used to be 40
  • Increased purchase limits for some ammo from dealers

New Weapons and ammunition

  • KRISS Vector SMG in both 9х19 and .45
  • SIG MCX Assault rifle in .300 Blackout
  • UMP SMG in .45
  • Mk-18 mod 1 Mjölnir DMR in .338 LM
  • .300 blk, .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition
  • Various new weapon mods


  • Fixed bots hanging behind stationary weapons
  • Fixed a bug where Killa could not hear the enemies approaching from behind
  • Other various bot fixes and optimizations


  • Animation optimizations for interfaces
  • Optimizations of sounds in RAM
  • Server optimizations


  • Aiming a GL40 with Reflex sights
  • The position of the character’s body when blind firing was not reset after opening the inventory
  • Blinding was imposed even if the player used a thermal imager
  • The stationary machine gun was removed from its mount if the player used it while in the blindfiring position
  • It was possible to use the tops and bottoms of the opposite faction
  • The nickname could not be changed if the new nickname was 15 characters long
  • The range value of the sight did not change immediately after alignment if the weapon had two sights on it
  • A duplicate weapon could hang behind the player’s back for a few seconds after changing weapons
  • Some pants had the equipped gun hanging outside the holster during the fitting on the Ragman service screen
  • The observer did not see the player checking the fire mode on his weapon

Weapon Presets

  • It was impossible to delete the overwritten preset
  • Wrong mods were installed on the weapon if the build was initiated during a save process


  • Failed to redeem all available items in the lot if the player attempted to purchase items over the limit
  • Failed to interact with the inventory in a raid if the player had previously disassembled the weapon via the context menu
  • When reactivating the exit with the hermetic door at the location Reserve, the siren stopped working earlier than it should have
  • The sensitivity while aiming down sights changed when putting and removing sights from the weapon
  • A character was performing a light grenade throw only by double-pressing the RMB
  • Uninformative message about the lack of space in the stash when transferring items from the letter on “Receive all”
  • The “Found in raid” status for the weapon would not update if you would put non-found in raid weapon mod on the gun
  • Incorrect information about the level of mastering in the weapon inspector
  • The price of 1 item decreased by 1 ruble if a player bought several of the same items from a dealer
  • The azimuth was missing if the player opened the pause menu with a compass in his hands
  • The camera could go through the body of another player.
  • Missing messages in group chat
  • Various server errors
  • Various minor fixes
  • Various localization fixes
  • Various location fixes