Apex Legends fans are getting a novel of tasty new lore

Respawn's writing team has produced a novel delving deep into the lore of the Titanfall universe

Pathfinder giving a thumbs up

In the battle royale genre, Apex Legends is unique in the fact that it leans so heavily on the in-game lore. An element of this is likely due to the Apex Games taking place in the wider Titanfall universe, offering extra lore snippets to the legion of cult fans of the first-person shooter dilogy.

In the past, lore has been drip-fed to fans through trailers, Season Quests, and short Tales from the Outlands animations that explore the characters’ backstories. However, it’s clear that the writers have plenty more material and no vessel to carry it. Nobody likes jumping into a game of Apex Legends ranked only to be faced with a bunch of text explaining all the lore, so they put it in a book.

We’re not joking, the first Apex Legends novel, Pathfinder’s Quest, has been penned by three lead writers for the game, and is available to preorder now from Amazon and Amazon UK. Tom Casiello, Manny Hagopian, and Ashley Reed have worked on the hardback tome, which sees Pathfinder attempt to discover who, or perhaps what, created him.

In the process, everyone’s favourite robot (sorry Revenant) will interview the other legends, revealing new insights into their past lives, their motivations, and their relationships. Tom Casiello says on Twitter that “it may be Pathfinder’s quest, but it’s not all about just Path.”

He also confirms that the novel “doesn’t just compile lore. This book is lore!” You know what that means – new insights and new information about all of the legends and the world they inhabit. Hagopian explains the book has been a long time in the making: “I’ve been wanting to write this book since all the way back to Titanfall 1.”

Reed, the final contributor, gives us an insight into just what we can expect to learn about our favourite characters, as she says in a tweet that the book explores hard-hitting questions such as “which Legend gets ship-sick,” “who’s the best list-maker,” and “does one of the Legends literally live in a cave?”

The novel is available to pre-order now (use the Amazon US site for international orders or Amazon UK if you’re, well, in the UK), and costs $23.99 (£18.99) on Kindle or $39.99 (£25.25) for a hardback edition. It is currently slated to release on February 2, 2021 in the USA and April 2, 2021 in the UK.