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FIFA 21 POTM Fernandes SBC: solutions and cheap players

How to solve the Premier League Bruno Fernandes Player of the Month SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

20/03/2024 You can no longer get the Fernandes Player of the Month card in FIFA 21 because the limited-time challenge has now expired.

Manchester United’s midfield maestro Bruno Fernandes was crowned the Premier League’s Player of the Month, and as such, a pretty insane 91-rated card was available for those who completed some Squad Builder Challenges in December 2020.

However, since the card was so high-rated and boasted some incredible stats, this SBC set made quite the dent in your club’s coffers. There were five puzzles in total, and while the requirements were relatively straightforward, there were some sneaky tricks worth knowing about.

While we do have a best cheap FIFA 21 SBC players guide here at The Loadout for your reference, here we looked specifically at some useful players or solutions that you’d need to get your hands on Fernandes’ card.

Unfortunately, the limited-time challenge to unlock this card has now expired, meaning you can no longer earn it for your account.

FIFA 21 Bruno Fernandes POTM SBC

To get this 91-rated Bruno Fernandes POTM special card, you needed to solve five SBC puzzles ranging from an 85 squad rating up to an 88 squad rating.

This entire SBC set would cost between 850,000 – and 1 million coins depending on market prices at the time and how many players you already have in your club.

National Duty

  • Minimum one player from Portugal
  • Minimum team rating: 85
  • Minimum chemistry: 80

While the squad rating in this one was relatively generous, this set relied on a substantial amount of chemistry, so sticking to one league made things a lot easier here.

You also needed at least one Portuguese player. A nice, accessible league with a few Portuguese options was the Premier League, so that’s what we recommended here.

Key players to nab before their prices rose too high included goalkeeper Rui Patricio (84), right-back Nelson Semedo (83), or central midfielder Joao Moutinho (83). All three players played for Wolves. You could also check out our cheap SBC players guide for some good value Premier League players to fill out this squad.

However, if you had any high-rated (85+) Premier League players in your club that you were willing to part with, it was worth holding onto them as you may need them for later puzzles in this set.

Manchester United

  • Minimum one player from Manchester United
  • Minimum team rating: 86
  • Minimum chemistry: 75

Again, this one required some chemistry, but you could get away with simply picking up a Manchester United player and dropping them into, say, a high-rated LaLiga squad. There was enough leeway here.

Cheap Man Utd options were right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka (83) and central midfielder Donny van de Beek (83).  At the time, you could scoop these guys for between 2,000 and 4,000 coins. However, you would need some 87 or 88-rated players in your squad to hike up the team rating.

Part with some more coins and you could pick up goalkeeper David de Gea (86), who wouldn’t compromise your squad rating. He was floating around the 18,000 – 20,000 coin mark, but it was good value if you didn’t have the players to counteract van de Beek or Wan-Bissaka’s low ratings.

Premier League

  • Minimum one player from the Premier League
  • Minimum team rating: 86
  • Minimum chemistry: 70

And here’s why we advised you to hold on to high-rated Premier League players. If you didn’t have any 85+ Prem players, then there were some good value alternatives on the market.

For 85-rated players, you had a few options: Bernd Leno, Hakim Ziyech, and Rodri were all floating around the 10,000 coin mark. If you wanted to go up to 86-rated players, David de Gea was again a good shout, but his price did increase somewhat due to the previous puzzle. If so, Jamie Vardy or Jordan Henderson were your next-cheapest alternatives.

At around 25,000 coins, Roberto Firmino also presented good value for an 87-rated player.

With a requirement of only 70 chemistry, it was safe to chuck whichever Premier League player you could get into a LaLiga or Bundesliga team, which were usually cheaper to build than full Premier League teams.

Top Form

  • Minimum team rating: 87
  • Minimum chemistry: 50
  • Minimum one Team of the Week player

You needed a TOTW player, and a high-rated one at that to complete this challenge. If you didn’t have one in your club, there were some cheap options you could scoop from the transfer market.

For 86’s, Ligue 1 goalkeeper Anthony Lopes was less than 30,000 coins. For 87’s, the Bundesliga is your best bet: Thomas Muller, Mats Hummels, and Yann Sommer all had in-form TOTW cards for between 45,000 and 50,000 coins.

88-rated Squad

  • Minimum team rating: 88
  • Minimum chemistry: 50

Very straightforward this one. This puzzle simply wanted you to splash some cash or part ways with high-rated players.

Be sure to check out our cheap SBC players guide or keep an eye on FUTWIZ for who to pick up, but just make sure things spark with a little bit of chemistry.