League of Legends: Wild Rift’s December update brings new champions and skins

The mobile MOBA is set to introduce three new champions alongside seven new skins, while teasing future potential additions

league of legends wild rift teemo

As Riot Games continues to gear up for the League of Legends: Wild Rift open beta releases in numerous regions around the world this week, there appears to be no stoppage of content rolling out to the mobile MOBA.

In its final dev diary of 2020, the Wild Rift team has announced three new champions are set to land on the Rift: Darius, Draven, and Wukong. Darius and Draven will become available through the game’s first canonical event: Noxian Brotherhood. “You’ll be able to complete event missions to learn what happens when two of Noxus’ most prolific figures get into a quarrel,” host Christina ‘Obiwunkenobi’ Wun states.

In keeping with the release of new champions, it is only natural that Riot would release a selection of skins for players to deck them out in. Darius’ Academy and High Noon skins will be available for players to spin to win in. Draven meanwhile is receiving his Primetime and Soul Reaver attires. Finally, Wukong’s Volcanic skin will give the Monkey King a hot new look. Alongside the new champion skins, Steel Legion Garen and Queen Ashe can also be found in the shop when the update rolls out.

Obiwunkenobi also divulges that, with the beta ranked season ending soon, players partaking in the game’s competitive mode will receive an undisclosed reward, as well as a lobby emblem corresponding to the highest rank they achieved.

The dev diary further reveals that, in 2021, there will be some “simultaneous events, joint announcements, and shared thematics” with the PC version of LoL. However more information on this won’t be available until Wild Rift’s first official ranked season begins in January. The diary finishes on a teaser for a potential event involving Teemo in the coming weeks, “and maybe some of his friends will join him too.”

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If you haven’t decided whether or not you’re going to jump in as the beta rolls out, then take a look at our League of Legends: Wild Rift preview. See you on the (Wild) Rift.