Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s zombies split-screen issues fixed

Just in time for Season One!

While Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been received extremely positively since it launched earlier this year, there was one group of fans that were left very disappointed thanks to a certain feature being plagued with bugs.

For those who love to head into zombies or online multiplayer modes with a friend or family member on the same sofa, the game was a nightmare, with multiplayer split-screen being a buggy mess and zombies split-screen failing to work entirely. Now though, there’s good news, as Treyarch appears to have patched Cold War’s split-screen feature in its pre-Season One update.

While we’re still waiting to see the official patch notes for this smaller update (they’ll be released when the big Season One update hits on December 16), Treyarch confirms ina tweet that split-screen has been fixed. After hopping into some zombies rounds and heading into online multiplayer too, The Loadout can also report that split-screen appears to be working as intended.

The game crashes experienced when bringing up scoreboards in multiplayer split-screen are gone, and guess what? Zombies actually works now. Huzzah.

Unfortunately, the graphics do still take a big hit and there are still black border bars around each of your screens, but this update will be music to the ears of anyone wanting to play with family or friends on one console.