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Console gaming gifts for gamers this holiday season

Treat yourself or a friend to something truly magical this Christmas

You wouldn’t have guessed, but the holiday season is almost here. So if you’re staring at Amazon in utter desperation trying to think what to buy the gaming-obsessed person in your life, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Although 2020 has been pretty terrible all round, it’s been a great year for gaming. That’s because in the course of this long, long year, we’ve been treated to the launch of three stunning next-gen consoles, loads of new games, and fantastic new tech. While next-gen systems are still pretty hard to get hold of, there’s still a variety of presents you can pick up online.

So ditch the socks from your Amazon basket, because we’re about to run you through the best console gaming gifts on the big world wide web. From things like gaming headsets to FIFA 21 bundles, you’ll be spoiled for choice we’ve these incredible holiday deals.

PlayStation gifts

We can’t guarantee you’re going to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 this side of Christmas, but we can guarantee some awesome PlayStation presents. Whether you’re in the market for an older PS4 bundle or you’re looking to give the gift of a new game to a loved one, there’s lots to choose from.

Remember to pick up PlayStation Plus while you’re at it too.

Xbox Gifts

Like the PlayStation 5, both the Xbox Series X|S are in unprecedented demand right now, but with Microsoft’s Smart Delivery system, you can buy Xbox One games in peace knowing that they’ll get a next-gen upgrade if you or your loved one finally gets hold of a next-gen console. This makes buying presents, like the ones listed below, ten times easier.

That being said, there are some cracking deals on Xbox One bundles, so if you’re not fussed about gaming in 4K, you might want to take advantage of these now.

If you’re completely stumped, Xbox Game Pass membership might be the best option right now.

Console gaming headsets

Every gamer needs a good set of cans in their life. Whether it’s to catch the light pitter-patter of enemy footsteps or to have a good old chinwag with friends online, these headsets will be well-received by any gamer this year.


Streaming Gifts

This year has seen a real explosion in the streaming market, so if someone you know has just started streaming on Twitch, there are loads of nifty little gadgets you can get them to improve their stream. Here are our favourites:

Master Chief in front of a space backdrop

Gaming Books

Sometimes we all need a break from the bright lights of Night City, and that’s ok. These gaming books will hold the attention of any busy gamer and hopefully give them some new skills for the future.

That’s it for our console gaming gift guide for now, but we’ll continue to update it as more products and deals come in.