Valorant devs planning to nerf the running accuracy of weapons next year

Riot Games says the problem is "top of the mind" of the dev team

Tactical shooters are all about precision, but in Valorant, some players are struggling. That’s because the moving accuracy of some of the guns like in the game, like the Phantom and the Vandal, are a little too high at the moment, causing players of all ranks problems when trying to take sites.

This was highlighted by none other than former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Nick ‘Nitr0’ Cannella who tweeted that the only thing he wants right now is for the Valorant developers to “decrease the running accuracy.”

This follows a number of reported problems from mid-November, in which players found that the deadzone changes to weapons allowed them to keep their aim accurate while strafing. Luckily for everyone though, it looks like Valorant’s dev team is already working on a fix.

“In the spirit of Christmas, I’ll let you know, we are working on it,” co-lead game designer Max Grossman says on Twitter. “Unfortunately it won’t be next patch but it’s top of mind for the design team.”

This means we’ll likely see these changes roll out in early 2021, hopefully providing relief for those of you hardstuck in Gold in Valorant ranked. For now, you’ll have to continue your running and gunning strats if you want to stand a chance in competitive matchmaking.