Get your Back 4 Blood closed alpha code here!

We only have a limited supply, so get yours while you can

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the development of Back 4 Blood, you’ll know that it’s caused quite the splash in the last week or so. Dubbed the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead games, Turtle Rock Studios’ new game – and its debut at The Game Awards – has certainly caught people’s attention. Now, we’re giving you the chance the experience first-person shooter yourself this weekend on PC during the closed alpha stage.

The event starts today (December 17) with a Back 4 Blood gameplay showcase, in which the developers and Warner Bros. Games will be giving an in-depth look at the co-op zombie shooter on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook from 10am PT (1pm EST /6pm GMT). Following that, the closed alpha will begin and run through to December 21.

During this time, closed alpha testers will be able to play an early mission from the four play co-op campaign where they’ll have to fight their way through hordes of the Ridden and mutated monstrosities.

Although that might not seem like much, every play through of the game will be different due to the game director feature. Players will also be able to play as Walker, Holly, Evangelo, and Hoffman, who all have different perks and weapons.

If all that sounds good, you’ll want to complete the actions via the Gleam widget below to nab yourself one of the 500 PC codes.

TL – Back 4 Blood Closed Alpha reward

Once that’s done, the widget will give you a code, which you’ll need to redeem on the WB Games Hub. If you’ve never used the site before, you’ll need to set up an account. From there, head to account settings and put the code we’ve given you into the ‘redeem a code’ box. This will then generate a Steam code for you to enjoy.

Best of luck and happy hunting!