May 2020 Archive

Redeye on esports storylines, gender inequality, his new book, and everything in between30 May 2020
Valorant's closed beta had an average of almost three million players every day29 May 2020
Perkz crashes Jankos’ LoL stream to roast him for “getting f****d” by enemy Trundle29 May 2020
TSM ZexRow banned from Ninja's Fortnite tournament for telling players to "suck my d**k"29 May 2020
We’re giving away 1500 codes to the KartRider: Drift second beta!29 May 2020
Dataminers claim Fortnite's controversial aim assist has been nerfed29 May 2020
NICKMERCS left stunned after insane FormaL snipe costs him Warzone tournament29 May 2020
The average LCS player is getting paid about $400k per year28 May 2020
Riot’s in-game advertising for League of Legends esports has been a long time coming28 May 2020
Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 has been delayed again28 May 2020
Shroud says good hardware doesn't make you a good player28 May 2020
Escape From Tarkov's global wipe is finally here28 May 2020
Jenax moves to the top lane as SK unveils its new League of Legends roster28 May 2020
Dataminer claims Juggernauts are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone28 May 2020
Make Skyrim a little more League of Legends with this Aatrox sword mod28 May 2020
Summit1g says hiding his Twitch deal made him feel like a "lying sack of s**t"28 May 2020
Valorant’s top rank will be renamed because frankly, it’s confusing28 May 2020
Astralis confirms Xyp9x is taking a break from CS:GO due to stress and burnout28 May 2020
Tyler1 completes his League of Legends mission to reach Challenger as a jungler28 May 2020
Crucible review - a shooter battling between two genres27 May 2020
Dardoch isn't guaranteed a starting spot on Dignitas' League of Legends roster27 May 2020
Xyp9x reportedly takes leave from Astralis' CS:GO roster27 May 2020
Overwatch League needs to resurrect itself like Jesus, says MonteCristo27 May 2020
Dardoch is now the third League of Legends jungler to join Dignitas from TSM27 May 2020
Watch this insane triple rocket boost Raze Valorant play and be very afraid27 May 2020
League of Legends esports sponsors will display ads on the Summoners Rift soon27 May 2020
BlizzCon 2020 has been cancelled but a replacement is already in the works27 May 2020
Pro player says he's spoken to more Valorant devs than he ever has PUBG's27 May 2020
Summit1g, Dakotaz, and JoshOG are sticking with Twitch27 May 2020
Dota 2's The International 10 prize pool is already at $8,000,00026 May 2020
Dead by Daylight's Silent Hill chapter was Behaviour Interactive's biggest secret26 May 2020
Pyramid Head joins Dead by Daylight's killers in new Silent Hill chapter26 May 2020
Artifact 2.0 beta is already live, but it's a very exclusive party26 May 2020
The LEC Summer Split Finals will no longer take place in Malmo26 May 2020
Poko doesn’t need your money, so he wants you to give it to a foodbank26 May 2020
CallMeCarson donates $10,000 to Dr K after streaming with ex-girlfriend26 May 2020
Formula E Driver hires gamer to cheat in charity race26 May 2020
Dota 2's The International 2020 battle pass is finally here26 May 2020
Fortnite esports pros slam Epic for not nerfing controller aim assist again26 May 2020
Dota 2's The International battle pass will drop "early next week"22 May 2020
We're giving away five PS4 codes for PUBG's new survivor pass22 May 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone easter eggs might lead to a Fortnite-style map change20 May 2020
FaZe Clan, Pittsburgh Knights, and NRG are looking to join the LCK in 202120 May 2020
PC aim assist will be nerfed on Fortnite next week20 May 2020
Another 1,600 Valorant cheaters have been caught in the latest ban wave19 May 2020
Gla1ve takes time off CS:GO due to stress, will be temporarily replaced by JUGi19 May 2020
Amazon "tossed out the entirety" of Crucible's original monetisation plans19 May 2020
Crucible will have ranked mode eventually19 May 2020
Crucible’s levelling system helps keep the game fresh and exciting19 May 2020
SMGs and assault rifles have been added to Call of Duty: Warzone's gulags19 May 2020
One of Twitch's safety advisory council wants more transparency over bans18 May 2020
Ninja calls on Fortnite players to be "honest" with Epic about aim assist18 May 2020
Kjaerbye takes a break from CS:GO, will be replaced by Kristou15 May 2020
Twitch appoints streamers and experts to new Safety Advisory Council15 May 2020
YamatoCannon joins LCK team Sandbox Gaming as head coach15 May 2020
EVO will be an online event this year, won't include Super Smash Bros. Ultimate14 May 2020
Valorant's anti-cheat has been tweaked again14 May 2020
New Call of Duty: Warzone PC players will need to use 2FA13 May 2020
PUBG players are drawing flaming dicks in the latest update13 May 2020
PUBG's ranked mode finally hits test servers13 May 2020
LPL will challenge LCK teams in new League of Legends Mid-Season Cup13 May 2020
Reginald apologises to League of Legends community for TSM mistakes12 May 2020
Riot Games has already banned 8,873 Valorant cheaters12 May 2020
Pengu says the #SaveSiege trend should not be used to harrass Ubisoft developers12 May 2020
TSM president apologises for taking Dardoch trade call on Doublelift's stream12 May 2020
JUGi officially signs as Astralis' seventh CS:GO player11 May 2020
Twitch bans Amouranth for a third time11 May 2020
Yay explains why so many CS:GO pros are switching to Valorant11 May 2020
Frankie Ward on the future of CS:GO, Valorant esports, and working from home8 May 2020
A CS:GO player has built an AI tool and it’s caught 14,000 cheaters8 May 2020
Vancouver Titans releases its Overwatch team two days before league match7 May 2020
Riot Games makes tackling harassment in Valorant a priority7 May 2020
Caps and Perkz swap roles in League of Legends again7 May 2020
Fortnite now has 350 million registered players7 May 2020
Shroud explains why he'll never go pro again6 May 2020
Apex Legends Season 5 trailer gives us a glimpse at Loba's abilities6 May 2020
Fortnite skill-based matchmaking reportedly removed from squads6 May 2020
Apex Legends was the most downloaded free-to-play game on PS4 in 20196 May 2020
Crucible was in development way before Apex Legends despite sharing similarities5 May 2020
Amazon's new competitive shooter Crucible will launch later this month5 May 2020
CS:GO event ESL One Cologne will go ahead without a live audience this year5 May 2020
League of Legends caster Jatt named as Team Liquid's head coach5 May 2020
PewDiePie signs an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube5 May 2020
FIFA 20 streamer Kurt0411 claims EA has a "personal vendetta" against him4 May 2020
Leena Xu says the Doublelift TSM conflict of interest claims are "ridiculous"4 May 2020
Warzone will act as the "through line" for the Call of Duty franchise4 May 2020
Five Australian men charged with CS:GO match-fixing4 May 2020
You Are Not Alone esports tournament aims to bring 10 million gamers together1 May 2020
Excel Esports moves into Fortnite, signs UK prodigy Wolfiez1 May 2020
Epic Games cancels Fortnite World Cup, all other events will be played online1 May 2020
Valve postpones Dota 2's The International1 May 2020