May 2020 Archive

Redeye on esports storylines, gender inequality, his new book, and everything in between30 May 2020
Valorant's closed beta had an average of almost three million players every day29 May 2020
Riot’s in-game advertising for League of Legends esports has been a long time coming28 May 2020
Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 has been delayed again28 May 2020
Escape From Tarkov's global wipe is finally here28 May 2020
Make Skyrim a little more League of Legends with this Aatrox sword mod28 May 2020
Valorant’s top rank will be renamed because frankly, it’s confusing28 May 2020
Crucible review - a shooter battling between two genres27 May 2020
Artifact 2.0 beta is already live, but it's a very exclusive party26 May 2020
Dota 2's The International battle pass will drop "early next week"22 May 2020
We're giving away five PS4 codes for PUBG's new survivor pass22 May 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone easter eggs might lead to a Fortnite-style map change20 May 2020
PC aim assist will be nerfed on Fortnite next week20 May 2020
Another 1,600 Valorant cheaters have been caught in the latest ban wave19 May 2020
Amazon "tossed out the entirety" of Crucible's original monetisation plans19 May 2020
Crucible will have ranked mode eventually19 May 2020
Crucible’s levelling system helps keep the game fresh and exciting19 May 2020
SMGs and assault rifles have been added to Call of Duty: Warzone's gulags19 May 2020
Valorant's anti-cheat has been tweaked again14 May 2020
New Call of Duty: Warzone PC players will need to use 2FA13 May 2020
PUBG's ranked mode finally hits test servers13 May 2020
Riot Games has already banned 8,873 Valorant cheaters12 May 2020
Frankie Ward on the future of CS:GO, Valorant esports, and working from home8 May 2020
Warzone will act as the "through line" for the Call of Duty franchise4 May 2020