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Valorant’s top rank will be renamed because frankly, it’s confusing

If you're good at Valorant, you're no longer going to be a Valorant


If you’ve been paying attention at all to Twitch or new games on the horizon, you’ll have come across the powerhouse that is Valorant. This new CS:GO-esque title from Riot is tailored to fit the most competitive of players, and of course has a ranked mode.

The Riot team decided that the ranks of Valorant would go like this. You start out with Iron, go through metals, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum before reaching Diamond. Then you get to Immortal and the last, and highest rank you can achieve is – Valorant? How confusing.

The name Valorant hasn’t really meant anything apart from it being the name of the game and Sage saying “We are Valorant” every so often in-game, so for Valorant to be more impressive than Immortal, in other words, unkillable and god-like, doesn’t seem like it suits the ranked system.

So after Valorant goes offline to be released on June 2, we can expect the ranked system to come back with an all-new shiny top rank. What it might be, no one knows yet, but let’s hope it isn’t called CS:GO or Warzone, or another game name.

Valorant’s close beta is ending on May 28 so the Riot team can get prepared for a full launch. That’s right, everyone will get to play shortly, but if you haven’t got your beta rewards yet, now might be the time to get your last sessions in!