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Dota 2’s The International battle pass will drop “early next week”

You don't need to summon the battle pass anymore

Last month Valve was forced to postpone the tenth edition of The International, possibly until 2021, because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, not much has been said about the battle pass, which contributes 25% to the tournament’s prize pool – that is until now.

Tired of waiting for an official announcement, fans on Reddit began trying to summon the battle pass by posting the same message over and over again on a thread. No one really thought they’d be successful, but the thread caught the attention of three Valve developers, one of which has confirmed the much anticipated pass will be available “early next week.”

“From the ghastly eyrie, I can see to the ends of the world, and from this vantage point I declare with utter certainty that the battle pass is coming early next week,” cameron_dev says on the Reddit thread in a comment which has been upvoted more than 3,000 times.

Although the battle pass won’t revolve around TI10 this year, it will still take place over the same time period and contribute to the prize pool.

Although we’re not sure what the pass will focus on instead, I’m sure we’ll hear more when it goes live next week.