September 2020 Archive

Rainbow Six Siege players claim they're still owed money by Luminosity Gaming30 September 2020
EA Play rolls into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this November30 September 2020
Star Wars: Squadrons release date, multiplayer, cross-play, and more30 September 2020
Here are the finalised LoL Worlds 2020 groups30 September 2020
Twitch partner ItsHafu triples her salary by playing ads30 September 2020
Rogue is "not scared of anyone" going into the group of death at LoL Worlds 202030 September 2020
Valorant’s 1.09 patch nerfs the Operator sniper rifle30 September 2020
OWL and CDL teams dodging multi-million dollar franchise payments this year30 September 2020
League of Legends critical strikes nerf goes live on the PBE30 September 2020
Titanfall's Kuben Blisk might be a future Apex Legends character30 September 2020
Crowdfunded prize pool for Dota 2's The International 10 hits $39 million29 September 2020
Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra release date, legendary Pokémon confirmed29 September 2020
Dr DisRespect hints at Twitch ban explanation29 September 2020
The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update is crashing the game29 September 2020
FaZe backs CS:GO coach RobbaN after spectator bug ban29 September 2020
PUBG Season 9 will include ranked solos for the first time29 September 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 - new maps, subway systems, and more29 September 2020
ESIC takes aim at stream snipers in official CS:GO matches29 September 2020
Schalke 04 to donate €2,000 to charity instead of buying FIFA 21 points28 September 2020
MAD Lions knocks INTZ out of LoL Worlds 202028 September 2020
Ex-CS:GO pro Zellsis returns to Valorant for a second time28 September 2020
Rogue punished following Rainbow Six Siege match-fixing investigation28 September 2020
ForZe challenges lmbt's CS:GO coaching ban28 September 2020
Call of Duty's Brack clashes with Toronto Ultra over payment dispute28 September 2020
Ninja says only "respected players" should play competitive Fortnite tournaments28 September 2020
37 CS:GO coaches banned for exploiting infamous coach spectator bug28 September 2020
Team Liquid secures a top two finish in its LoL Worlds play-ins group28 September 2020
Bot gives small Twitch channel more followers than NICKMERCS25 September 2020
1.1 million viewers watched day one of Lol Worlds 202025 September 2020
Sega to resurrect Virtua Fighter with teased esports project25 September 2020
The*gameHERs announces first-ever Women in Gaming Awards25 September 2020
Makeshift PSG Talon team upsets LGD Gaming at LoL Worlds25 September 2020
Apex Legends producer confirms a Pathfinder buff is in the works25 September 2020
New York subway workers build secret man cave to watch Tfue streams25 September 2020
Star Wars: Squadrons fans have already began building its esports scene24 September 2020
HECZ and Scump discuss proposed 2021 Call of Duty League bubble24 September 2020
Lamborghini’s The Real Race sim racing series to crown its champion24 September 2020
Critical strikes will be nerfed in League of Legends Season 1124 September 2020
Tyler1's team wins Twitch Rivals League of Legends despite player dropout24 September 2020
Seattle Surge reveals its 2021 Call of Duty League roster24 September 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone leaks suggest a zombie invasion is hitting Verdansk24 September 2020
NICKMERCS signs three-year contract extension with FaZe Clan23 September 2020
Riot to produce its first in-house Valorant esports tournaments23 September 2020
Riot is cracking down on offensive IDs in Valorant with forced name changes23 September 2020
Overwatch caster Mr X hopes that esports content will find a place on VENN's 24/7 network23 September 2020
Top Dawg Entertainment founder invests in ReKTGlobal23 September 2020
Jump on a ferry to Erangel in PUBG's latest update23 September 2020
Mizkif shaves his head live on Twitch for failing a Minecraft speedrun23 September 2020
League of Legends' Samira nerfed after just one day on the Rift23 September 2020
LoL Worlds 2020 teams and players22 September 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 introduces more Warzone map changes22 September 2020
Rocket League and Fortnite join forces for Llama-Rama crossover event22 September 2020
BlizzCon to move online for 202122 September 2020
Rainbow Six Siege esports teams' skins revealed for R6 SHARE22 September 2020
Call of Duty League considers a bubble environment for 2021 season22 September 2020
Everything we know about FIFA 21 - release date, trailer, and more22 September 2020
K/DA will perform at LoL Worlds with rumoured new champion Seraphine21 September 2020
NerdStreetGamers’ latest partnership hopes to diversify the esports scene21 September 2020
Major Activision hack could leave 500,000 accounts at risk21 September 2020
Call of Duty community clashes over SBMM in Black Ops: Cold War21 September 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone devs working on fix for Heartbeat Sensor and Satchel bugs21 September 2020
Two League of Legends pros pass 1000LP on China’s ranked Super Server21 September 2020
Apex Legends' "improved ring logic" patch needs work after ALGS issues21 September 2020
Ninja believes players are "sleeping on" Fortnite Season 418 September 2020
Watch Harry Mack freestyle over Valorant gameplay18 September 2020
Clayster joins New York Subliners for 2021 Call of Duty League season18 September 2020
Play like the pros with OMEN18 September 2020
You won't see any more automated midroll ads on Twitch18 September 2020
xQc smashes one million subscriber milestone on YouTube18 September 2020
League of Legends' latest fashion line drops next week18 September 2020
LPL to introduce a salary cap for top League of Legends players18 September 2020
CDL Champs winner Crimsix rewarded himself with $22,000 night vision goggles18 September 2020
PUBG’s Arena Mode has been disabled after just one day18 September 2020
Rocket League Season 1 includes new car, Rocket Pass, competitive tournaments18 September 2020
Inter-division promos in ranked League of Legends to be scrapped18 September 2020
PUBG's new Arena Mode offers players some first-person tournament action17 September 2020
Oxygen Esports set to sign Turkish Valorant roster Looking4org17 September 2020
Dota 2 adds Immortal Treasure III to the battle pass17 September 2020
The 2020 League of Legends Worlds song Take Over has dropped17 September 2020
Valorant patch notes 1.08 - Guardian buff, map queue changes17 September 2020
Samsung Galaxy players reportedly still waiting on LoL Worlds 2017 skin payments17 September 2020
4.5 million people watched the PS5 Showcase stream17 September 2020
PS5 release date and price announced17 September 2020
Rocket League's latest patch adds cross-platform progression17 September 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer alpha starts tomorrow on PlayStation 417 September 2020
Here are the fixtures for the LoL Worlds 202017 September 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer: maps, weapons, and more17 September 2020
Dignitas benches CS:GO stars GeT_RiGhT and Xizt16 September 2020
Nawwk takes medical leave from Ninja in Pyjamas' CS:GO roster16 September 2020
Hearthstone players disappointed over lacklustre Scholar Jaina skin16 September 2020
PSG Talon will use three League of Legends substitutes for Worlds play-ins16 September 2020
Streamer racks up Modern Warfare kills using a drum kit as a controller16 September 2020
Twitch says it "missed the mark" on stereotypical Hispanic Heritage emotes16 September 2020
Minnesota Rokkr and Atalana FaZe reveal new Call of Duty rosters16 September 2020
League of Legends: Wild Rift's closed beta starts today and it includes ranked16 September 2020
Five foreign pros hit Challenger on China's hardest League of Legends server15 September 2020
Nintendo leaks release date of Rocket League’s free-to-play update15 September 2020
ClintStevens wins Tony Hawk's Pro Skater combo battle with MOONMOON15 September 2020
Team Liquid’s new facility is a show of faith in its European players15 September 2020
Cloud9 parts with League of Legends coach Reapered15 September 2020
Rainbow Six Siege’s Ping System 2.0 is here to stay15 September 2020
League of Legends Worlds groups decided15 September 2020
Twitch's "experimental" mid-stream ads are proving controversial15 September 2020
Fall Guys' cheater island is the new destination for bad beans15 September 2020
Origen rebrands to Astralis, xPeke steps back15 September 2020
Riot changes League of Legends Worlds 2020 prize pool distribution15 September 2020
HenryG confirms Cloud9 will sign a sixth CS:GO player14 September 2020
Twitch chat plays Microsoft Flight Simulator, does a barrel roll14 September 2020
Fleta named as the Overwatch League MVP14 September 2020
Call of Duty League announces switch from console to PC14 September 2020
US Navy under fire for streaming Among Us with inappropriate player names14 September 2020
MiBR drops TACO, fer, and dead as FalleN steps down from CS:GO roster14 September 2020
Rainbow Six World Cup: teams, format, dates, and more11 September 2020
The PUBG esports scene is still "evolving" according to its project manager11 September 2020
ENCE coach Twista suspended after CS:GO spectator bug confession11 September 2020
Nadeshot risks Twitch ban by chatting to Dr DisRespect on stream11 September 2020
Rainbow Six World Cup revealed, will feature 45 national teams11 September 2020
Rainbow Six Siege's Squad Finder app will help you find compatible teammates10 September 2020
Ninja officially returns to Twitch with new exclusivity deal10 September 2020
FIFA 21 Top 100 players revealed10 September 2020
For the love of gaming, it's spelt esports10 September 2020
Cloud9 signs CS:GO star ALEX in $1.65 million deal10 September 2020
League of Legends coach kkOma leaves Vici Gaming to return to Korea10 September 2020
CS:GO teams found to have used coach bug will have RMR points reset10 September 2020
The Rio CS:GO Major has finally been cancelled9 September 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will have new multiplayer modes9 September 2020
Riot Games considering harsher penalties for griefers in League of Legends9 September 2020
Twitch streamer Jinny attacked by a deer during IRL livestream9 September 2020
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 tips9 September 2020
Five big names that won’t be at LoL Worlds 20209 September 2020
Summit1g trolled with Christmas trees after DayZ rant9 September 2020
T1 fails to qualify for League of Legends Worlds 20209 September 2020
Twitch streamer smashes a 20 million point combo in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater9 September 2020
Call of Duty League teams in mass roster purge, over 50 players now free agents9 September 2020
YouTuber designs fake cheat software to troll would-be CS:GO hackers8 September 2020
Asmongold is "glad New World was delayed", despite having fun in the game8 September 2020
RB Leipzig's new FIFA esports signings include a 14-year-old prodigy8 September 2020
Shroud "doesn't love" Among Us, but thinks it's "pretty fun"8 September 2020
Everything you need to know about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 multiplayer8 September 2020
T1 still in LoL Worlds contention after reaching LCK Regionals final8 September 2020
Fall Guys to introduce Fortnite's anti-cheat software8 September 2020
HenryG becomes Cloud9's CS:GO general manager, appoints Kassad as coach8 September 2020
CSPPA delays release of CS:GO rankings to “improve the methodology”8 September 2020
TSM signs variety streamer Pokelawls8 September 2020
PUBG Corp drops Tencent as PUBG Mobile publisher in India8 September 2020
League of Legends World Championships draw set for September 157 September 2020
Twitch Sings to be scrapped at the end of 20207 September 2020
CS:GO referee fears there may be more coach spectator bugs7 September 2020
You can pay to play Call of Duty: Warzone with celebrities now7 September 2020
G2's victory over Fnatic was the most watched LEC broadcast ever7 September 2020
The LEC's head of partnerships apologises for "painful" NEOM deal7 September 2020
Cloud9 prepares fourth CS:GO restructure in three years7 September 2020
Scrub Killa warned by Psyonix after breaking Rocket League voice chat rules7 September 2020
TSM defeats FlyQuest to win first LCS title in three years7 September 2020
Rejin and F_N1 confess to exploiting CS:GO coach spectator bug7 September 2020
New Zealand's Prime Minister crashes Broxh’s carving stream7 September 2020
Indian devs reveal FAU:G, days after PUBG Mobile banned7 September 2020
HenryG retires from casting CS:GO, teases "colossal" move4 September 2020
Labrov believes Vitality could've made LEC Playoffs if the team had "fought a little smarter"4 September 2020
WackyJacky101 says PUBG ranked solos needs "at least 80 players"4 September 2020
Pita admits he used infamous CS:GO coach spectating bug in 20184 September 2020
Caitlyn had the best win rate in LEC during Summer Split regular season4 September 2020
Dr DisRespect wears Warriors cap to the NBA to troll players4 September 2020
T1 to take legal action as players continue to receive death threats4 September 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer footage accidentally leaked4 September 2020
T1 drops food, crashies from Valorant roster4 September 2020
ESIC to investigate CS:GO spectator bug usage as far back as 20164 September 2020
Apex Legends' latest patch reverts the armour nerf4 September 2020
Rapper Logic will come out of retirement to perform at the LCS Summer finals3 September 2020
Furia coach guerri protests his innocence in CS:GO coach bug scandal3 September 2020
Rocket League’s new top rank will have an amazing name3 September 2020
Fundraiser started for CS:GO referees who caught cheating coaches3 September 2020
NICKMERCS will take on Tony Hawk in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater3 September 2020
ESIC investigating 15 allegations of match-fixing in CS:GO3 September 2020
G2's GrabbZ says Fnatic "deserved the win" in LEC Summer Playoffs semi-finals3 September 2020
MiBR and dead punished by BTS for use of the CS:GO coach bug3 September 2020
Jatt says Team Liquid is under no extra pressure to perform at LoL Worlds3 September 2020
Rekkles says he's proud that Fnatic overcame its "identity crisis" in the LEC3 September 2020
New South Korean military service delay bill to cover esports stars3 September 2020
Apex Legends' team use Revenant and Wraith to beat under the map cheaters2 September 2020
Apex Legends could be getting cross-play later this month2 September 2020
ESIC reports "insufficient evidence" of player involvement in CS:GO coaching scandal2 September 2020
PUBG Mobile banned in India as crackdown on Chinese apps continues2 September 2020
Chaos signs MarKE, makes vanity in-game leader for CS:GO2 September 2020
Dota 2 Bot TI returning for its third run later this month2 September 2020
Hyper Scape and Rainbow Six Siege details in store for next Ubisoft Forward2 September 2020
Twitch employee Hassan fired following sexual misconduct investigation2 September 2020
Why 4v4 and caution around expansion are necessary evils for the Call of Duty League’s future1 September 2020
Valorant patch notes 1.07 - Killjoy, Sage nerfed, Viper buffed1 September 2020
Fall Guys skin auction won by Ninja, G2, MrBeast and AimLab after $1 million bid1 September 2020
A League of Legends streetwear collection will hit stores soon1 September 2020
Dr DisRespect admits he's struggling with anxiety following Twitch ban1 September 2020
Streamer kills a virtual squirrel while playing PGA Tour 2K211 September 2020
Riot announces League of Legends Worlds 2020 format changes1 September 2020
Jarvis signs for Tempo Storm's Rainbow Six Siege roster1 September 2020
Steel retires from CS:GO, will stream Valorant full-time for Chaos1 September 2020
xQc was August’s most watched Twitch streamer1 September 2020
FIFA pro DrNightWatch signs for FUTWIZ1 September 2020
ESL bans three CS:GO coaches for abusing spectator bug1 September 2020
What are the biggest mobile esports?1 September 2020
Vietnamese League of Legends teams to reportedly miss out on Worlds1 September 2020