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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will have new multiplayer modes

Fireteam, a new sandbox style mode, will reward creativity

Treyach has finally lifted the lid on the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer experience and it looks like fans are going to see a whole load of changes when they drop onto the battlefield later this year. From new maps, to gameplay features, and game modes, fans are in for an absolute treat.

The classic Call of Duty game modes like Search and Destroy and Control are returning, but they’re being accompanied by the the likes of VIP Escort and Fireteam. VIP Escort is the 6v6 mode, which was leaked by a streamer taking part in a content creator session last week, where one team battles another to extract a designated VIP from the map.

Fireteam on the other hand is a completely new experience coming to Black Ops. The mode pits ten teams of four against each other in large dynamic battlefield that’ll change as you play. Vehicles dominating the land, sea, and air will be in play but how you tackle the objective is up to you and your team.

“This new format of multiplayer brings together everything that we loved about making Cold War and everything you’ll love about playing Cold War,” David Vonderhaar, game director, says. “Across Fireteam mission and mode you’ll discover some of the most imaginative game loops we’ve ever designed.

“The Fireteam format allows us to emphasise teamplay and reward creativity and it allows you to do things that you’ve never done in Black Ops multiplayer.”

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The reveal showed off a Fireteam mode called Dirty Bomb in which teams battled it out for uranium to use to detonate dirty bombs spread across the map. Teams can detonate those bombs without warning, forcing their enemies to navigate an ever-changing toxic battlefield. True Cold War vibes.

We’re also going to get Combined Arms, a 12v12 team based game that brings infantry and vehicular warfare together. This is a bit like Modern Warfare’s Ground War, but on a smaller scale.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is slated for release on November 13.