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PUBG’s Arena Mode has been disabled after just one day

That didn't last long...

PUBG squad fighting

PUBG Corp. loves creating new modes and experiences within PUBG that are a breath of fresh air compared to the game’s regular battle royale mode. However, it’s latest creation has been disabled after approximately 24 hours because of stability issues.

The new Arena Mode, which launched yesterday on PUBG Labs, offered players a team-based, first-person perspective tournament experience within sections of the Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok maps. However, roughly 26 hours after it went live for PC players, it has been pulled as users have reported “a critical issue impacting game stability.”

Arena Mode is being offered to PC and console players in two separate windows for each platform. This was the first PC window and was scheduled to last three days from September 18-21. This entire first window has now been dropped. The next PC window runs from September 25-28, so hopefully the issue will be fixed for then. This is also when console players can get their hands on Arena Mode for the first time in PUBG Labs.

While PUBG Labs is there as an experimental arena to test new concepts, to see a mode introduced with an issue this big is a shame.

Fans are disappointed that the mode was pulled so soon, and hopefully PC players will be granted an extra chance or an extended second window to properly play this FPP experience.