July 2021 Archive

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Naraka: Bladepoint release date, gameplay, characters, and more29 July 2021
Naraka: Bladepoint confirms PS5 release with new trailer29 July 2021
New PS5 system update finally displays your PS5 and PS4 games separately29 July 2021
Apex Legends' Rampage LMG can out-DPS the Spitfire29 July 2021
Some PS5 users can use their SSD expansion slot now29 July 2021
Rocket League is shaking things up with 007's Aston Martin DB528 July 2021
Best Pokémon in Pokémon GO: best attackers, best defenders, and best for PvP28 July 2021
PlayStation 5 becomes fastest-selling console in Sony's history28 July 2021
New Apex Legends Global Series format has “potential” to last longer than a year28 July 2021
2,000 Activision Blizzard employees sign open letter criticising company’s lawsuit response27 July 2021
ALGS commissioner John Nelson answers ten quick questions about Year 227 July 2021
Prove your Rocket League skills in the Samsung Odyssey League 202127 July 2021
Lemnis Gate will have you strategizing in your sleep27 July 2021
Pokémon Unite will add in new Attacker Gardevoir tomorrow27 July 2021
Apex Legends Emergence gives World’s Edge a makeover26 July 2021
Apex Legends Global Series plans to have LANs on “three different continents”26 July 2021
Warzone players find explosive solutions to Solos vehicle problems26 July 2021
Battlefield 2042 will have persistent bans in Battlefield Portal26 July 2021
Pokémon Unite best held items and when to use them23 July 2021
Warzone's Sentry Guns are making Bertha trucks levitate23 July 2021
Ripple Effect explains how it chose which maps to remaster for Battlefield Portal23 July 2021
Pokémon Unite Holowear23 July 2021
Nick Yingling on his record-breaking journey to Smash Summit 11 - and why he'd never do it again23 July 2021
Pokémon Unite best Supporters23 July 2021
Pokémon Unite best All-Rounders23 July 2021
What is Battlefield Portal?23 July 2021
Pokémon Unite best Speedsters23 July 2021
Pokémon Unite best Attackers23 July 2021
Deal of the week: save up to 25% on the Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset23 July 2021
Knockout City Season 2’s getting movie-inspired arenas22 July 2021
Battlefield Portal is Battlefield 2042's version of Fortnite Creative22 July 2021
Battlefield Portal will let you create almost anything - just not a battle royale22 July 2021
Valorant devs are investigating low-elo "bloat"22 July 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone update patches C58 no recoil bug and infinite Dead Silence21 July 2021
Valorant players want a commend system like CS:GO and League of Legends21 July 2021
Konami announces eFootball, a free-to-play, cross-play FIFA rival21 July 2021
Warzone loadout of the week: Westie’s unusual double SMG combo20 July 2021
GTA 5 car meets: Los Santos Tuners event20 July 2021
Valorant patch notes 3.02 - agent bug fixes, volume slider tweak, and more20 July 2021
PGL "still hopes" to host CS:GO Major in Sweden, confirms two backup hosts20 July 2021
Bugha (and his dog) are now in Fortnite19 July 2021
Apex Legends' Season 10 legend confirmed to be Seer19 July 2021
New World preview: an eternity on Aeternum might not be so bad19 July 2021
Raven Software “aware” of Warzone C58 no recoil bug19 July 2021
Rainbow Six Extraction delayed until January 202216 July 2021
Apex Legends teases potential new legend Seer in story trailer16 July 2021
Guilty Gear Strive DLC fighter reveal: start time, where to watch, and leaks16 July 2021
Deal of the week: save up to 22% on an Elgato Stream Deck Mini16 July 2021
New Warzone loadout feature pulled after causing infinite Dead Silence bug16 July 2021
QBZ-83 Warzone loadout - best attachments, perks, and equipment16 July 2021
Valorant players call for battle pass token to purchase any skin they want16 July 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone's perk system is finally getting some TLC15 July 2021
GTA Online's new cars will be exclusively upgradable on PS5 and Xbox Series15 July 2021
War Child UK's fundraiser slashes the price of 15 sports games on Steam15 July 2021
Warzone Season 4 Reloaded weapon buffs and nerfs15 July 2021
You can nab yourself a Rust Twitch drop today15 July 2021
How to get the new Sentry Gun killstreak in Call of Duty: Warzone15 July 2021
Warzone’s Red Door stations now contain mysterious, booby-trapped loot crates15 July 2021
New World's "classless" combat system will prevent tank/healer drought14 July 2021
Warzone beats Fortnite and Apex Legends as most-played console shooter14 July 2021
Battlefield 2042 vehicles: call-in system, vehicle list, and more14 July 2021
Battlefield 2042’s technical playtest has been delayed to allow cross-play tests14 July 2021
Forget petting Battlefield 2042's robot dogs, you can strap C4 to them instead14 July 2021
There will be a cap on Battlefield 2042's bots14 July 2021
New World developer on why there's more to its combat than meets the eye14 July 2021
Black Ops Cold War adds iconic tactical nuke killstreak to multiplayer14 July 2021
OTs 9 Warzone unlock: how to get the Black Ops Cold War SMG14 July 2021
Warzone loadout of the week: Metaphor's KSP 45 transformation13 July 2021
PS5 exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo delayed until 202213 July 2021
Warzone hackers are unlocking guns, camos, and cosmetics - for other players13 July 2021
How to add friends on Escape From Tarkov12 July 2021
FIFA 22 HyperMotion - gameplay features, platforms, and more12 July 2021
The LCS Championship Finals will be open to fans9 July 2021
Deal of the week: save up to 52% on Assassin's Creed: Valhalla9 July 2021
Deathloop release date, gameplay, multiplayer, and more9 July 2021
Become the Villain puts new twists on “iconic” Far Cry moments and locations9 July 2021
Sentinels of Light - everything coming up in Riot’s cross-game event8 July 2021
Battlefield 2042’s redacted mode will see “fan-favourite maps” return8 July 2021
Apex Legends Arenas will get a ranked mode in Season 108 July 2021
New World release date, gameplay, price, and more8 July 2021
Bizon Warzone loadout - best attachments, perks, and equipment7 July 2021
Far Cry 6's Supremo backpacks will aid "stealth, navigation, and more"7 July 2021
Apex Legends’ Arenas mode to get competitive debut at BLAST Titans7 July 2021
Valorant patch 3.01 fixes level bug, players will keep AP gained7 July 2021
League of Legends queue dodging to get new, harsher punishments7 July 2021
CS:GO players are using dental floss sticks to help them no scope7 July 2021
Warzone loadout of the week: Swagg returns to a long-forgotten SMG6 July 2021
Giancarlo Esposito brought his own props to his first Far Cry 6 meeting6 July 2021
Guilty Gear Strive crossplay support, how to invite friends, and more6 July 2021
Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list: the best heroes to play in 20226 July 2021
Rainbow Six Siege’s silent audio bugs are getting fixed next update6 July 2021
Legends of Runeterra players handed one-year ESIC bans for boosting6 July 2021
GTA 6 release date will be in 2025, reports claim5 July 2021
Apex Legends targeted by hacker who wants to “save Titanfall”5 July 2021
Rare Apex Legends animations help "inject personality" into its cast of characters3 July 2021
Riot Games releases 37-track album of DMCA-safe music for content creators2 July 2021
Complexity-Limit promises “major production overhaul” for WoW RWF1 July 2021
Rainbow Six Siege’s ranked MMR cap is keeping friends apart1 July 2021
Dead by Daylight crossplay - how to add friends cross-platform, mobile crossplay, and more1 July 2021
Among Us chooses violence with new vent cleaning task1 July 2021