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Valorant players want a commend system like CS:GO and League of Legends

Could this be the solution to Valorant's toxicity problem?

Valorant players have called for an in-game system to commend other player’s actions, in a bid to encourage positive behaviour within matches. One of the biggest issues affecting Valorant (and almost every online multiplayer title) is sexism and general toxicity during matches. This is heightened in team-orientated games like Valorant where communication is key, stripping away anonymity regarding a person’s gender.

It’s an issue the developers at Riot Games have promised solutions to, or at least measures to help reduce the problem. Currently, there’s a report function in Valorant where players can flag anyone for toxic behaviour, but it takes a while for any action to take place.

Reddit user kapitan_buko has suggested a subtle way of turning the tide, believing Valorant would benefit from incentivising positive behaviour through a commend system – as seen in other games like Dota 2 and CS:GO.

“These games have a commend system in addition to the report system,” the post reads. “After games, you can commend people for being great teammates. You can commend people for specific things like being a great leader, a friendly teammate, etc.

“The commends you earn would then be displayed on your profile like a badge of honor. In my opinion, adding something positive to the experience and feel of the game would be a good addition.”

Considering Riot has implemented a similar feature in League of Legends with the Honor system, this might be something the developer could (hopefully) translate to Valorant in some capacity. In League of Legends players are encouraged to praise and motivate teammates to earn a higher Honor level, giving you rewards like Honor Capsules and Orbs once you climb high enough.

It would be a small step to incentivising friendly behaviour, although it isn’t entirely foolproof. Exactly what Riot will implement, or when, however is unknown.