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OTs 9 Warzone unlock: how to get the Black Ops Cold War SMG

Here are all the ways to unlock the OTs 9 in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

A Warzone operator wearing a brown uniform and a white bandage over one eye fires an SMG

 You can no longer get the OTs 9 in Warzone because this version of the game was shut down. However, this guide will be updated and will come in handy if the OTs 9 ever returns. It is still available in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer via the in-game challenge.

During Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, we were treated to a brand-new SMG, the OTs 9. This compact SMG tore through the competition when it was released, so long as you had the right setup.

While it didn’t like quite at the top of the Warzone meta, the OTs 9 was well worth unlocking. On that note, you, unfortunately, can’t unlock it in Warzone anymore, with its integration with Black Ops Cold War’s arsenal now done and dusted in favor of more recent CoD releases. With that said, if you’re taking a trip down memory lane, you can still unlock the OTs 9 in Black Ops Cold War’s traditional multiplayer modes.

How to unlock the OTs 9 in Warzone

The OTs 9 was unlocked via an in-game challenge that tasked you with rapidly killing two or more players in 15 different matches.

This was an easy enough challenge to complete, especially in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer where finding and killing groups of enemies was much more common than in Warzone’s larger arenas. Ironically, with it no longer being available in Warzone whatsoever, the OTs 9 is only available in Black Ops Cold War, so you shouldn’t face too many issues if you’re going back to this older CoD.

The second way to unlock the OTs 9 at the time was to head to the store and spend some dough. The Inside Job bundle was available following the Season 4 Reloaded update back in July 2021, and it contained an OTs 9 blueprint. Once purchased, the OTs 9 was all yours to level up and use in Verdansk. However, this bundle is no longer available.

The OTs 9 was a great addition to the Warzone arsenal, and it players even more variety in one of the most popular weapon categories.