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PlayStation 5 becomes fastest-selling console in Sony’s history

The next-gen console has officially shipped more than ten million units as of July 18

A PlayStation 5 console stands upright next a DualSense controller against a white background

It’s been a whirlwind first year for Sony’s PlayStation 5. The next-gen console sparked a frenzy among fans to snag one when it first became available for preorder last September. The PS5 has since become seemingly impossible to get hold of thanks to COVID, with consumers flocking to everything from stock update livestreams to private Discord servers in order to try and get the jump when the elusive console comes back into stock.

Needless to say, Sony has shifted a lot of units since it officially launched in November – over ten million in fact as announced yesterday by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s SVP and global head of business operations, Veronica Rogers. As Rogers notes, “this makes the PS5 the fastest-selling console” in the company’s history.

The fervour for Sony’s offering is unsurprising. After all, the PlayStation 4 had more than established itself with possibly the best catalogue of first party exclusive games among the last-gen consoles – a trend in quality that looks to continue this year with the Horizon Forbidden West release date looming. Topped off with the PS5’s outrageously-speedy SSD and DualSense controller haptics, you get a next-gen experience that millions are clamouring to get a taste of.

Rogers also says that Sony is “making steady progress with available global supply,” indicating that those who have been patiently waiting for all this time may not have to for too much longer.

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