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Among Us chooses violence with new vent cleaning task

Impostors may now have to get more creative with their getaways

It’s an impostor’s dream being able to swiftly dispatch one of their bean buddies in MedBay, before swiftly venting down to Electrical, and away before the body is discovered. However, with Among Us’ July 7 update, they might just get caught out before they can make their great escape.

Developer InnerSloth last night announced that, among a “bunch of bug fixes”, a whole new task is being added to the game – vent cleaning. Players will now have the opportunity to dust off the cobwebs, and clear out the two-week-old slices of pizza that somehow made their way into each map’s sprawling ventilation system.

The devs say that, while cleaning is in progress, impostors won’t be able to use that specific vent. This means that if they’re trying to move between a pair of vents after knocking someone off, they’re going to be a little bit stuck – possibly for long enough that the victim’s remnants will be found, resulting in their swift jettison from the game.

However, the new task also presents a perfect alibi. “I was just cleaning vents”, an impostor may claim if they’re caught hopping out at the other end.

With the introduction of the new task, vents have received a solid nerf in one sense, though the round’s antagonists also now have the opportunity to use it to their advantage – if they’re wiley enough of course.