Apex Legends Seer release date, abilities, and more

All Seer is hoping to see is huge W's when he arrives in Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence

Artwork of Apex Legends' Seer, wearing a blue and gold outfit

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence’s new legend has officially been confirmed to be Seer. Respawn finally lifted the lid on Seer in its latest Stories from the Outlands instalment, ‘Metamorphosis’, which introduces us to Obi, a cursed child born from a woman bearing the mark of the moth. If that isn’t ominous enough, Obi’s grand entrance into the world comes just as a meteor hits the moon.

Boasting a gorgeous set of peepers – which also appear to have unique powers – Obi spends most of his life outcast by those around him. Here there are some very strong comparisons to be made with The Moth and the Flame teasers posted on Apex’s Twitter account. Whereas the princess in that story is physically shut away from the world, Obi instead exists in it, but is shut out by others for his extraordinary sight – something the princess lacked entirely.

As Obi grows and presumably takes on the alias of Seer, he becomes quite the fighter. Alongside his eyes, Obi also draws power from a golden chest piece – think Tony Stark but mothier, as from it he can summon microdrones which we see in a moth formation.

But what else do we know about Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence’s newest addition, Seer? Well, we’ve collated all of the aforementioned teasers and trailers so far for your convenience, alongside the Seer teaser locations, Seer’s abilities, and even the lowdown on Seer’s voice actor.

Apex Legends' Seer - a man in a black hat with a gold chest piece

Apex Legends Seer release date

When is Seer coming to Apex Legends? Seer’s release date is August 3, which coincides with the launch of Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence.

Apex Legends Seer abilities

According to Seer’s flavour text on EA’s Apex Legends site, the legend possesses “microdrones and an artist’s eye”, giving him the ability to spot “other opportunities that other legends might miss”, and seize them “in the most beautiful way he can.”

Respawn has given the full rundown of Seer’s abilities in an introductory ‘Meet Seer’ character trailer. You can also find the full flavour text for each ability beneath the video below, or on his official legend page.

YouTube Thumbnail
  • (Passive) Heartseeker: While aiming down sights, Seer can hear the heartbeat of nearby legends, helping him discover their location
  • (Tactical) Focus of Attention: Seer releases several micro drones and after a delay they mark all enemies in front of him, interrupting their use of healing items/revives and revealing their locations and health to Seer and his allies for eight seconds
  • (Ultimate) Exhibit: Seer throws out his heart chamber, which releases hundreds of mini drones that form a sphere. Enemies that move quickly or fire their weapons in the sphere are marked, revealing their location and footsteps to Seer and his allies. Enemies can destroy the heart chamber by shooting and destroying it, in a similar manner to stopping Crypto and Horizon’s ultimate abilities

Apex Legends Seer trailer

Both the Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence and Emergence gameplay trailers give us a proper look at Seer in action.

YouTube Thumbnail
YouTube Thumbnail

The new legend was officially via the latest short in the Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands series – ‘Metamorphosis’, which you can check out below.

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An unspecified amount of time prior to Obi’s birth came the origins of his power. In The Moth and the Flame teasers posted to the official Apex Twitter account, we learn of a doomed romance between a blind princess – who is locked away by her parents to protect her from the world – and her lover. When the princess’ lover is imprisoned by her parents for trying to steal her away, she strikes a bargain with a cursed moth.

In return for freeing her from the confines of her room to be with her lover, the princess swears an oath that the moth will be reborn as her child, freeing it from its curse. Unfortunately, the princess, moth, and mystery man all perish before the oath can be carried out, passing the moth’s curse down to those who bear its mark – such as Seer’s mother.

You can experience the whole story yourself right here.

Apex Legends Seer teaser locations

There are a total of 11 teasers for Seer scattered between the Olympus and World’s Edge maps. In each location keep an eye out for Seer’s golden chest piece, as interacting with the shiny lump of tech will make it yield its secrets.

You can see the complete rundown of each teaser location below, courtesy of ‘WarbyGaming’.

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Apex Legends Seer skins

So far, Seer hasn’t had any skins officially confirmed by Respawn. However, some have reported that a Seer skin – which can be seen below – will come bundled with 600 Apex Coins in a $4.99/£3.99 Emergence Pack. This is certainly feasible considering Respawn did the same thing with Valkyrie in Season 9’s Legacy Pack.

Emergence Pack Skin from ApexUncovered

Aside from the unconfirmed Emergence Pack skin, the rest of Seer’s cosmetics remain a closely-guarded secret, though dataminers have potentially uncovered the names of two more skins: ‘Weapon X’ and ‘Performer’. Marvel fans will instantly recognise the Wolverine reference in the first name, though it is unclear how it would be tied into Seer’s character.

How to unlock Seer in Apex Legends

Just like any other legend, Seer can be unlocked at the cost of 750 Apex Coins (you can buy 1,000 Apex Coins for $10.00 or £7.99) or 12,000 Legend Tokens. If you’ve been busy clearing up kills and picking up wins, you’ll most likely already have enough Legend Tokens saved to snap up Seer when he arrives in the store.

Apex Legends Seer voice actor

Seer is voiced by Nigerian-born voice actor Iké Amadi. Amadi has worked across the videogames industry for over a decade, and is best known for voicing Knack in Knack and Knack II. He has also voiced Prowler in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Atrocitus in Injustice 2.

Outside of videogames, Amadi has lent his voice to the character Angor Rot in the Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia Netflix series (alongside its videogame adaptation, Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia).

As an extra fun bit of trivia, Amadi also appeared in Love, Death & Robots – which Passion Pictures – the studio which animated the Metamorphosis short – has also worked on.

So that’s the full lowdown on Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence’s new legend, Seer. Should any more details come to light prior to Seer’s own emergence from his developmental cocoon, we’ll be sure to update this guide.