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There will be a cap on Battlefield 2042’s bots

They won't be able to use specialist traits either

Whether you like it or not, Battlefield 2042 is going to have bots to keep its All out Warfare 128-player games populated. However, your matches won’t be inundated with them because EA has confirmed today that there will be a limit on how many AI players will be allowed to play at any given time.

The use of bots in live service games has been a controversial topic for quite some time, but it looks like EA has taken consideration of the main concerns. In a blog posted today, senior design director Daniel Berlin says you “will not experience more AI soldiers than players unless the match is still filling-up, or almost empty.”

This means your exposure to bots, which by the way cannot be turned off, should be pretty slim, especially since players will always have matchmaking priority over AI soldiers.

Even if you do end up playing with AI, they’re designed to play Battlefield 2042 like you would. However, they are not designed to be Battlefield 2042 specialists and as such cannot use traits and specialities.

While they cannot use things like the wingsuit or the grappling hook, they are intelligent enough to call in vehicles, capture objectives, flank, and even revive downed teammates.

They may not be much of a help to veteran players, but AI soldiers also provide newcomers a chance to learn the mechanics of Battlefield 2042 – especially in co-op and solo mode, which will allow you (and friends) to go it alone.

This should be welcome news for anyone counting down the days until the Battlefield 2042 release date.