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Riot Games releases 37-track album of DMCA-safe music for content creators

The release follows the studio's pledge last year to offer more musical options to its creators

Vi from League of Legends chilling out

DMCA claims and copyright strikes have been a minefield for many content creators, particularly over the past couple of years as enforcement has intensified. There are now, thankfully, a slew of solutions out there – from individual artists granting permission to use their songs, to entire platforms being created to host copyright-free tunes. Riot Games has now announced that it has published Sessions: Vi, “a unique music experience mixing the sounds of chill, instrumental beats” entirely for content creators.

Last year, after a wave of DMCA strikes had rocked the industry, Riot resolved to do more for its creators in a blog post, saying it was “committed to continuing to expand the options” available to it. With the release of Sessions: Vi, the studio is taking that next step forward by producing DMCA-safe music specifically with them in mind.

Featured on the record are the likes of Chromonicci, Junior State, and Laxcity who recently performed at Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky virtual festival. The album contains 37 tracks in total, which you can check out on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

You can also find Riot’s original statement from last year below.

Riot has put out its fair share of in-house bangers over the years. Tracks like ‘Piercing Light’, and MitiS’ remix of ‘The Boy Who Shattered Time’ from the Warsongs collection immediately spring to mind. And who can forget Pentakill’s metallic warbling on ‘Last Whisper’? All of these tracks are creator-safe, with the studio originally publishing its own dedicated playlist to help prevent content creators from getting in trouble.