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Deal of the week: save up to 25% on the Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset

A slightly bearded man wearing a white headset with a mic sticking off it

Are you looking for a reasonably priced gaming headset that’ll let you change key settings on the fly? Well, we’ve got the deal for you. The Turtle Beach Recon 200, which is designed for console use, has been reduced on both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

The wired headset comes with a rechargeable battery that helps amplify sound in your games, giving you an edge when playing the best competitive FPS games. This battery last about 12 hours, meaning you’re always ready for a long gaming session. Plus, the Recon 200 is optimised for Xbox surround sound – so you’ll get an additional boost if that’s your default platform.

In terms of settings, this Turtle Beach headset offers quite a lot for its low price point. The Recon 200 has a flip to mute mic and variable mic monitoring, which basically means you can hear and adjust the volume of your own voice so you don’t deafen your friends in those heated moments.

The best deal on this headset can be found in the US. Amazon has slashed the prices of both the white and the black headsets by 25%, dropping the price from $59.95 to $44.95. There’s less of a saving on Amazon UK, but it’s still something. The black headset is down 9% from £43.73 to £39.99, while the white headset is down 13% from £43.86 to £37.99.

You can also save 33% on the Xbox Game Pass for PC with this headset in the UK too, so do be aware of that if you decide to buy.