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Valorant patch notes 3.02 - agent bug fixes, volume slider tweak, and more

A small Valorant update, but one that'll change the way you play

A robot with a rifle in front of a red and black background

Another day, another Valorant update. This time, however, no major changes have been made the the game’s agents or weapons, with Riot Games opting to fix a small number of persistent bugs.

Since the release of Valorant Episode 3, Act 1 contained some fairly dramatic changes – forcing us to change our Valorant tier list – but the last two updates have been fairly light in content. But today’s patch still brings with it a useful update – especially if you like playing KAY/O, Sage, and Raze.

Sage’s frustrating sliver peek on Breeze, which players found by placing a Barrier Orb in between the pyramids, has now been patched out, KAY/O’s textures will no longer apply themselves to weapons when he’s destabilised during NULL/cmd(X), and Raze will no longer be able to place her Boombot through walls.

A bug where team-voice sliders would always reset to 50% has now been patched, along with some UI bits that have been frustrating players.

One of the good things about patch 3.01 is the game system update, which should result in less clipping overall while playing Valorant. This should be a big help in staying hidden while playing Valorant ranked.

You can read the full patch notes here. While it’s a pretty small update, it’s worth noting Riot says it’s still assessing KAY/O impact on the meta, so if changes are going to be made, expect those in the next few weeks.