Apex Legends’ Season 10 legend confirmed to be Seer

Seer is the next legend to join the Apex Legends lineup

Artwork of Apex Legends' Seer, wearing a blue and gold outfit

The new legend coming to Apex Legends Season 10 has been confirmed on the Respawn website, and the speculation and leaks were all correct – Seer will be legend number 18 in the battle royale.

Seer will be joining the Apex Legends lineup at the start of Season 10 – the name of which has now been revealed as Emergence – on August 3. Seer’s origin story has been told in a new Stories from the Outlands video, which shows him branded a “cursed child” who was born at the same time as a large meteor strike. Seer also appears to have Medusa-like powers, and people should avert his gaze. “One glance will return a mountain to dust, a king to a beggar, a desert to an ocean,” says the narrator of his origin story.

While his full lineup of abilities will be revealed at EA Play Live on July 22, a small snippet of text has teased at what kind of kit Seer will have.

“With microdrones and an artist’s eye, Seer spots opportunities that other legends might miss, and seizes them in the most beautiful way he can,” it reads. Sounds like Crypto went to art school, if you ask us…

As well as Seer, Season 10 will be bringing about some major changes to World’s Edge – we wonder if the new legend’s ability to turn mountains into dust will play any kind of role in this transformation.

We’re also getting a new weapon for Apex Legends Season 10, and it comes straight of Rampart’s workshop. It’s called the Rampage, and it’s an LMG with a “surprising source of firepower”. Please lord, don’t let it be arrows…

As was also revealed earlier this month, we’re getting a ranked mode for Arenas in Season 10 as well.

Plus, there’s all the usual start of season stuff: new battle pass, new ranked season for the battle royale folks – you know the drill.

Where will Seer rank in our Apex Legends tier list? Well, we’ll have a better indication when we take a look at his abilities at EA Play on Thursday.