Apex Legends Arenas ranks: ranking system explained and more

A ranking system for Apex Legends Arenas is coming - this is what we think it'll look like

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Apex Legends’ Arenas mode is great fun – who doesn’t want 3v3 battles in cool new locations? However, the Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-inspired team shooter will live and die by its competitive integrity. In such a finely-balanced environment, subtle tweaks to weapon prices or legend abilities could impact gameplay far more than in the battle royale mode.

We know Apex Legends Arenas ranks are coming in Season 10, but other than that, we don’t have a lot of information about what it could look like and how it’ll function. We expect the ranks to take a similar form of the battle royale variant of Apex Legends ranked, but it could also take inspiration from the games that Arenas feels more akin to – Valorant and CS:GO.

While we wait for more information on the competitive version of the mode, we’ve gathered all the information about Apex Legends Arenas’ ranked mode to date, and speculated on what shape it will take. We’ve also taken into account the modes of other competitive FPS games to see what may be in store. We’ll keep this page updated as soon as we hear any more information about ranked Arenas.

Here’s everything we know about Apex Legends Arenas ranks so far.

Apex Legends Arenas ranked release date

Apex Legends Arenas ranked mode will release on August 3, at the start of Season 10.

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How do the Apex Legends Arenas ranks work?

We fully expect the Arenas ranked mode to have a different ranking board to that of the battle royale, although it could well use a similar system.

If you look at the CS:GO ranks, there are three different leaderboards for the different game modes: Competitive, Wingman, and Danger Zone. Danger Zone has different rank names, which we don’t expect to be the case with Arenas, but Wingman has a different rating system because of the mode’s reduced playerbase. This means that you’re more likely to get matched against players of a higher rank and skill level, especially if playing with friends of varying ranks.

The rules of Apex Legends ranks for battle royale dictate that you can’t play with friends of a different rank to yourself until you reach Platinum level. If this carries over to Arenas’ ranked mode, then you will only be matched against squads of the same rank as you, but it could impact matchmaking times, so we’ll wait and see whether it is implemented or not.

Battle royale mode: how to climb the regular Apex Legends ranks

We don’t yet know if there will be any penalty for leaving a match early, but because this puts your team at a severe disadvantage, we think it probably will result in a punishment.League of Legends recently added suspensions of up to two weeks for players who abandoned matches, so we could see something similar implemented by Respawn.

Apex Legends Arenas ranks leaks

According to dataminer Shrugtal, the Arenas ranks will be the same as those in battle royale mode, and you’ll have to earn Ranked Points based on your performances in order to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Rank Ranked Points (AP) needed
Silver 2,000 AP
Gold 2,400 AP
Platinum 2,800 AP
Diamond 3,200 AP
Master 3,600 AP
Apex Predator Top 500 players

At the moment, you get +100 AP for a win and -50 AP for a loss, but Shurgtal envisions these values are being used to test the mode and will change before launch.

We don’t know if the points needed to achieve each rank will also change, because you currently need half as many AP to rank up in Arenas as you would in battle royale mode. However, with it being more difficult to amass kill points, perhaps this is a balancing measure.

Apex Legends' robot assassin Revenant uses his glowing red Death Totem in a desert landscape

How to improve your Apex Legends Arenas rank

Obviously, shooting is at the forefront of Arenas gameplay, so heading to the Firing Range and putting in the hours with one of the guns high up our Apex Legends weapons tier list is the first step.

As there is very little looting and no way to rat yourself to more RP, you’ll have to learn how to fight effectively, and to fight as a team. This means communication is the most important factor in Arena mode, and keeping open comms with your teammates is the best way to grab yourself a win and climb the ranked ladder.

We also think that a lot of players will pick the newest addition to Apex Legends, Valkyrie, so counter-picking her either with weapons or legends could be an interesting strategy to get some early wins.

That’s everything we know so far about Apex Legends Arenas. We’ll keep this guide updated, so keep checking back for more information about the state of play. For now though, check out our Apex Legends tier list for more information on the best legends to play in Arenas.

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