Apex Legends Arena mode: release date, 3v3, and more

Apex Legends' datamined new mode will pit teams against each other in Team Deathmatch-style 3v3 matches

A team of Lifeline, Fuse, and Bangalore advance towards the camera, weapons raised

Apex Legends Arena mode is a datamined mode coming to the game soon. While it is yet to be confirmed and, as a datamine, could change at any point, from what we know so far it looks like it will be a fun new way to play Apex Legends.

Arena mode will pit one team against one other – taking the ‘battle royale’ element away from Respawn’s hit FPS game. As one of the best battle royale games, this could be seen as a risky move, but we’re down to see how a Team Deathmatch-esque mode works out when you add different legends and abilities into the mix.

Of course, a Respawn blog post mentioned that the developer would be bringing new ways to play and “take us beyond battle royale,” and it seems that this is the direction they’re taking. As such, we’ve gathered every scrap of mined data and every hint that Respawn has given to present you with the clearest picture of Apex Legends Arena mode you can find.

As is always the case with datamines, this information is neither confirmed nor final, but we will update this guide as soon as we learn more about Arena mode or anything is confirmed.

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How Apex Legends’ Arena mode works

We know a fair amount of information about how the new mode works thanks to dataminer Shrugtal. He first found the code for a UI spot for Arenas, suggesting that it will be a permanent mode rather than an LTM. This means it will likely have a tab at the top of the menu screen like the Battle Pass and Clubs tabs.

However, we could see it start life as an LTM before being integrated fully – as this has happened before in Apex Legends, for instance with the introduction of Evo Shields.

You’ll be dropped into a small portion of an Apex Legends map – at the moment it looks like individual POIs on Kings Canyon will be isolated for the game. Teams will start at either end of the POI under Gibby bubbles, and will be encouraged to attack because of a supply drop on one side and a loot bin on the other.

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Shrugtal also datamined three end locations for the enclosing ring – one on each team’s side and a central pull, which suggests matches could be best of three.

Code for crafting also appears to be used for Arena mode, but we expect to see a rework of the current system as it would take far too long in a 3v3 mode. Perhaps crafting will happen instead of a “buy phase” that games like Valorant and Counter Strike: Global Offensive use.

Apex Legends Arena release date

We currently don’t know the release date of Arena mode, although it could release with Season 9.

We might potentially see the LTM version of Arena teased in the forthcoming War Games event, which we expect to arrive on April 13. However, this is also not confirmed at this point.

A spaceship crashed into the mountainous landscape of Kings Canyon

Apex Legends Arena locations

The locations of the Arenas will be around POIs, which will hopefully mean that players can find plenty of cover and find the best angles to peek or attack.

The locations datamined by Shrugtal are as follows:

  • Capacitor
  • Rig
  • Broken Relay
  • Gauntlet
  • Cascades
  • Repulsor
  • Water Treatment

As you can see, all of these locations are on the Kings Canyon map, but the mode may expand to other areas. We also might see the LTM ‘trial’ version of Arenas take place on Mirage Voyage as the party boat sails over Olympus, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

A player inspect a sleek, white R-99 SMG in front of a desert background

Best Apex Legends Arena loadouts

Yes, you read that right. As the supply bins and loot pool for Arenas does not include any weapons, we can expect Apex Legends to get weapon loadouts. The loot pool also doesn’t include any Level 1 armour, so we reckon you’ll start with that equipped also.

Dataminers believe that there will be some preset loadouts, but much like Call of Duty: Warzone, we expect the ability to customise loadouts as well. This way, you’ll be able to bring in exactly the weapons you need to each fight.

We currently don’t know if there are any limitations on what you can choose in your loadouts, but here are a couple of combinations that work very well:


Combining the R-301 with the R-99 is a lethal pairing. We’d put a 2x HCOG ‘Bruiser’ or 2x-4x Variable AOG on the R-301 and attach a 1x Digital Threat for the R-99 so you won’t be disorientated by opposing Caustic gas or Bangalore smoke.

We don’t know whether you’ll be able to equip attachments in your loadouts, but extended magazines are a necessity here and should be the first thing to loot if you drop in empty. Communicate with your team to ensure you’re stocked up with light ammo – if another teammate is also using a light weapon then you’ll struggle to keep your inventory full.

The Volt SMG is inspected against a desert backdrop

Close-range meta

If you take a Volt SMG and EVA-8 Auto shotgun, you’re in for a good time. As two of the top picks in our Apex Legends weapons tier list, you’ll want to get up into your opponents’ faces and unleash your fury with this loadout. Make sure you grab an extended energy magazine and a high-level shotgun bolt as soon as possible.

Perfect for Octane and Bloodhound mains, this will be a brutal combination.

Gibby starter pack

Dropping in with a Charge Rifle and Mastiff may seem like an odd combination, but the two opposite weapons actually compliment each other pretty well. Use your Charge Rifle in the early stages of the game to level up your Evo Shield quickly, and then peek your Mastiff around the edge of Gibraltar’s Shield Dome when you get an opportunity to push.

That’s everything we know about Apex Legends Arena mode so far, but it might be worth trying out some of these loadout combos in battle royale matches while you can, because Arenas might not be far away.

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