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Warzone players find explosive solutions to Solos vehicle problems

Warzone players are sticking it to the man by sticking C4 to the vehicles

The use of vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Solos mode has long been a point of contention. Over the course of the past year or so, we’ve seen chops and changes to the likes of the Bertha truck to try and prevent stay-away tactics and promote aggression. We’ve also seen the spawn rate of the Bertha tweaked so there aren’t as many cruising around Verdansk.

Two Warzone players have taken to Reddit to not only showcase what they must really think of the game’s vehicles, but how they’ve also managed to pick up a fat W while doing so. Firstly, u/MateLookBehindYou introduces us to a classic scene: it’s the final circle. Four players. Four vehicles. In most cases, this would lead to a jostling around until one player manages to do his best sumo wrestler impersonation and muscle their enemies out of the circle – but not for u/MateLookBehindYou.

Rather than engaging in any more vehicle-based shenanigans, the player parks up their truck next to their opponents’, hops out, takes a few steps, and then detonates the C4 they had rigged up to their big rig beforehand. Three vehicles destroyed, two enemies downed. u/MateLookBehindYou only has time to finish one of their targets however before their final foe tries to get the drop on them – but it is they who are dropped, securing the Redditor’s victory.

You can check out the full clip below.

Final circle, four of us in vehicles, I’m genius. from CODWarzone

Reminiscing over their own explosive victory during a vehicular fiesta, u/vinsanityy97 later posted a similar clip taken from last year. This time, C4 isn’t enough to satiate the player’s appetite for destruction.

I see your final circle, here’s one from last year from CODWarzone

After leaving their precious truck behind, u/vinsanityy97 finds themselves out in the poisonous fumes of the oncoming circle. Fortunately, they have a gas mask at hand. Oh, and an RPG as well. Upon saying their final farewell to Big Bertha, the Redditor launches a rocket squarely at their former comrade, blowing it along with the other clumped up vehicles to kingdom come. Needless to say, it’s a banger of a four-piece to finish up the game.

With vehicles still widely-considered a problem child in Warzone Solos, players will be hoping that Raven Software introduces more changes to make games more fast and furious than, well, Fast & Furious.