March 2024 Archive

Saying goodbye to Dragon's Dogma 2 Pawns is harder than you think31 March 2024
Larian Studios will move away from D&D in one of two brand-new games31 March 2024
XDefiant will "lock" in a launch date after this PS5 and Xbox test31 March 2024
GTA 6's rumored delay might not be as severe as you think31 March 2024
Warzone Season 3's best mode will let you exploit the COD meta31 March 2024
Suicide Squad Season 1 isn't enough off the bat, but can it recover?30 March 2024
Don't overlook this free Call of Duty MW3 Combat Pack on PS Plus30 March 2024
Warzone Bootcamp is ideal if you suck at Call of Duty's battle royale30 March 2024
New Dragon's Dogma 2 update is a welcome step up for PS5 performance30 March 2024
Former Rockstar dev's new studio could be the triple-A blueprint29 March 2024
Nacon Revolution 5 Pro PS5 controller review - close to the Edge29 March 2024
The best games for consoles 202428 March 2024
You can name your price for Dragon's Dogma 2 DLC right now28 March 2024
Helldivers 2's new LAS-99 Quasar Canon can demolish ships in one shot28 March 2024
Getting 1,000 Xbox Reward points a month has never been so easy28 March 2024
MW3 Season 3 remasters a Call of Duty map you’ve never heard of28 March 2024
April’s PS Plus freebies include big-budget FPS Immortals of Aveum27 March 2024
For just $6 you can play the Red Dead Redemption port on Xbox and PS527 March 2024
The best PS5 games to play in 202427 March 2024
Do the Bunny Bash and get free skins in The Finals’ new Easter event27 March 2024
Dragon's Dogma 2's ultimate class requires booze, and lots of it27 March 2024
The best Xbox Game Pass games 202426 March 2024
Warzone Season 3 revives Rebirth Island, but not how you remember it26 March 2024
New PS5 feature will use your game clips to help other trophy hunters26 March 2024
Helldivers 2 wants to give you miniguns, but balancing them is tricky26 March 2024
Developers seem massively underwhelmed by leaked PS5 Pro specs26 March 2024
Bethesda’s already teasing us about early The Elder Scrolls 6 builds25 March 2024
All PS5 exclusives - playable and new exclusives in 202425 March 2024
Stellar Blade demo arrives on PS5 very soon (for real this time)25 March 2024
All Fortnite Peely skins and how to get them25 March 2024
You can get one of the best Dragon's Dogma 2 armor sets just 1 hour in25 March 2024
Wuthering Waves PS5 port is coming, just don’t expect it any time soon25 March 2024
New PlayStation Stars reward lets you own Jim Ryan, because why not24 March 2024
Helldivers 2 players can't bring democracy to the bedroom anymore24 March 2024
Time is running out to claim The Finals Twitch Drops on PS5 and Xbox24 March 2024
Fall Guys set to stay despite the arrival of this huge Fortnite update24 March 2024
XDefiant dev shuts down claims Ubisoft is copying Call of Duty24 March 2024
You can play the best Ghostbusters game right now on PS Plus23 March 2024
If you always wanted an Xbox handheld console, you might be in luck23 March 2024
Huge GTA 6 delay could allegedly shift Rockstar's next game into 202623 March 2024
Suicide Squad Twitch Drops honor the Joker's debut with free skins23 March 2024
New MW3 Prime Gaming pack brings The Finals style skins into battle23 March 2024
Here’s how Exoborne plans to stand out in a sea of extraction shooters23 March 2024
Ark 2 is the big Xbox exclusive no one seems to be talking about22 March 2024
New LEGO Fortnite update is wheely good (and long overdue)22 March 2024
Helldivers 2 community's biggest defeat yet could be down to a bug22 March 2024
Dragon’s Dogma 2’s pawns are an unexpectedly perfect RPG feature22 March 2024
I can’t get enough of Rise of the Ronin’s intense and addictive combat22 March 2024
Star Wars Outlaws rating proves it's basically galactic GTA22 March 2024
Cancelling Baldur’s Gate 3 DLC has brought “excitement” back to Larian22 March 2024
The best Xbox FPS games 202421 March 2024
The best Xbox battle royale games 202421 March 2024
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date window and latest news21 March 2024
Helldivers 2's Chargers can fly now, and that's terrifying21 March 2024
PS5 deals - the best discounts on consoles, bundles, games, and more21 March 2024
Suicide Squad Season 1 sets the Joker up to be a must-pick character21 March 2024
Starfield's final quest was a last-minute, "panic button" addition21 March 2024
Fortnite first person mode takes the fight to COD later this year21 March 2024
Only Rockstar ‘magic’ will make GTA 6 run at 60fps, not a PS5 Pro20 March 2024
Dragon’s Dogma 2 reviews claim it's the best RPG since Elden Ring20 March 2024
New Starfield update makes 500 changes and none of them are Xbox mods20 March 2024
Hotly-anticipated Max Payne remakes get Alan Wake 2-sized budget20 March 2024
New Helldivers 2 update nerfs Mother Nature20 March 2024
Bungie's Marathon makes a 180 towards Apex Legends-style heroes20 March 2024
The Finals could be hatching a plan for an eggsplosive Easter event20 March 2024
FF14 Xbox players have to jump through a new microtransaction hoop19 March 2024
First Rise of the Ronin PS5 review emerges with a super strong score19 March 2024
Diablo 4 leads an unbelievably good new batch of Xbox Game Pass games19 March 2024
Hi-Fi Rush becomes second big Xbox exclusive to hit PS5 today19 March 2024
My new Xbox Game Pass obsession is this Borderlands-style roguelike18 March 2024
Hollow Knight Silksong release date estimate and latest news18 March 2024
Four Destiny 2 The Final Shape emblem codes can be claimed right now18 March 2024
The best Nintendo Switch football games 202418 March 2024
Helldivers 2 leaks reveal new enemy with big Star Wars AT-AT vibes18 March 2024
Sony slams the brakes on PSVR2 production after just one year18 March 2024
If there's any game deserving of a roguelike mode, its Alan Wake 217 March 2024
New Halo Infinite update promises overhaul for Xbox multiplayer17 March 2024
Sweaty snipers are ruining The Finals' new Power Shift mode17 March 2024
Alleged PS5 Pro specs are impressive, but lack a key component17 March 2024
Helldivers 2's ultimate mascot praises "incredible" game community17 March 2024
Think smarter, not harder about nukes in The Finals Season 2 update16 March 2024
Palworld creator isn't interested in making bigger Xbox games16 March 2024
Battlefield 2042 Season 7 revamps huge map into small-scale carnage16 March 2024
Kill the Justice League's most important update finally gets a date16 March 2024
Den of Wolves is a COD Black Ops style mind-warp to keep an eye on16 March 2024
PlayStation Store sale gifts you 4 of the best shooters ever for $815 March 2024
Palworld PS5 port closer to reality as dev teases future plans15 March 2024
The best Xbox survival games 202415 March 2024
Embark reveals the magic behind The Finals’ exquisite drip15 March 2024
This custom FF14 Xbox Series X is as beautiful as it is useless15 March 2024
New Helldivers 2 armor turns you into an electrifying super weapon15 March 2024
Buckle up, The Crew Motorfest is free on Xbox and PS5 right now15 March 2024
Star Wars Battlefront remasters dire launch down to “critical errors”15 March 2024
Destiny 2 Into The Light sounds like it’s more thriller than filler15 March 2024
The Finals' new update puts Recon Senses where it belongs: in the bin14 March 2024
The best gaming console in 202414 March 2024
Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge Warbond and its must-have new gear now live14 March 2024
Stellar Blade’s Skin Suit punishes player thirstiness with hidden nerf14 March 2024
The Finals Season 2’s new weapons won’t please everyone, Embark admits14 March 2024
New PS5 update sneaks in a brand-new feature not in the patch notes14 March 2024
New PS Plus games for March include this must-play superhero RPG14 March 2024
XDefiant's release date should’ve been weeks ago, insider claims13 March 2024
Helldivers 2's unique co-op mechanics have an unexpected origin13 March 2024
The Finals Season 2 is a throwback to the “origins of gaming”13 March 2024
The Finals Season 2 proves this FPS is no fluke, it’s the king13 March 2024
Dragon's Dogma 2 Trophies leak reveals exciting (and cozy) new feature13 March 2024
FC 24 just added a new skill move and a (probably toxic) celebration13 March 2024
I tested the PS5 update, and you shouldn't overlook its best feature13 March 2024
Helldivers 2 is about to get even more hellish with deadly flying bugs13 March 2024
Star Wars Jedi director forms supergroup triple-A studio Giant Skull12 March 2024
New Helldivers 2 update fixes controversial Terminid tank problem12 March 2024
Persona 3 Reload drops DLC beats to traverse Tartarus to12 March 2024
FF7 Rebirth Queen's Blood could hook you forever with new expansions12 March 2024
PS5 fans, don't hold your breath for a PS2 emulator anytime soon12 March 2024
Get ready for a 20-boss gauntlet in PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade12 March 2024
PS Plus subs can now try out this award-winning interactive story game12 March 2024
Helldivers 2 teases the arrival of disgusting Dune 2-like mega-worm12 March 2024
Rise of the Ronin's stylish combat gives Sekiro a run for its money11 March 2024
PS6 release date window and latest news11 March 2024
The Finals Season 2 details drop as the show falls into hackers’ hands11 March 2024
Destiny 2 takes Ghosts to the next level with new Ghostbusters collab11 March 2024
What's up, Doc? MultiVersus is finally releasing this May, that's what11 March 2024
Dune 2's Timothée Chalamet gets incredible Dragon’s Dogma 2 recreation11 March 2024
Superb spaceship scrapper among Xbox Game Pass games leaving in March11 March 2024
This beloved RPG isn’t leaving Xbox Game Pass after all11 March 2024
Warzone Season 3 leak promises you a free new skin on PS5 and Xbox11 March 2024
You can't unsee the truly terrifying Helldivers 2’s Illuminate faction11 March 2024
Goldeneye 007 deserves better than its fate on Xbox Game Pass10 March 2024
This tease for The Finals Season 2 is pure synthwave goodness10 March 2024
You can help improve two important Helldivers 2 updates right now10 March 2024
At last, MW3 now lets Call of Duty players track camos in matches10 March 2024
Spider-Man 2 finally rectifies glaring issues with Sam Raimi suit10 March 2024
Helldivers 2 devs know massive difficulty spike is kicking your butt9 March 2024
Dune Awakening devs tease secret third faction to land on Arrakis9 March 2024
Kill the Justice League is 40% cheaper as devs tease Season 1 weapons9 March 2024
Put your Air Jordans on now, NBA 2K24 is coming to Xbox Game Pass9 March 2024
MultiVersus wants you to “stay tooned” for major reveal in a few days9 March 2024
Gotham Knights studio swoops in to get Wonder Woman over the line8 March 2024
Final Fantasy 16 The Rising Tide won't wash away the RPG's ending8 March 2024
Helldivers 2 mechs are live right now after rapid Tien Kwan liberation8 March 2024
This summer’s Hogwarts Legacy update probably isn’t the DLC you want8 March 2024
Ubisoft leaks its own plans for R6 Siege-themed XDefiant Season 18 March 2024
New Fortnite update lets you hurl lightning like Zeus himself8 March 2024
Try the Dragon’s Dogma 2 character creation tool right now8 March 2024
Is Party Animals coming to PS5 and PS4?8 March 2024
Baldur’s Gate 3 and Alan Wake 2 face off for BAFTA Games Awards sweep8 March 2024
Spider-Man 2 update fully unlocks Venom, but with a huge risk8 March 2024
Hogwarts Legacy map with floating candles solution and explainer7 March 2024
New Spider-Man 2 update lets you finally swing into New Game Plus7 March 2024
Keanu Reeves' Neo should be first on MultiVersus' list of new fighters7 March 2024
New MW3 Soulrender weapon turns Riot Shield turtles into soup7 March 2024
New Helldivers 2 Warbond, Cutting Edge, drops a major arsenal upgrade7 March 2024
Don't expect a Starfield PS5 port anytime soon, despite the rumors7 March 2024
New Sea of Thieves preview event is perfect for PS5 newcomers7 March 2024
Helldivers 2 update turns this weak weapon into a fiery powerhouse7 March 2024
Persona 3 Reload Expansion Pass gives us The Answer we wanted7 March 2024
The best Xbox Series X games 20246 March 2024
Quadruple-A game Skull and Bones has price slashed already6 March 2024
Rise of the Ronin download size makes it a PS5 SSD-eating monster6 March 2024
Kill the Justice League’s fate looks grim amid new Warner Bros plans6 March 2024
New Fortnite Persona leaks may finally arm the S.E.E.S with real guns6 March 2024
Helldivers 2’s new Planetary Hazards just became your worst enemy6 March 2024
Dune Awakening changes key detail to stop you nuking other players6 March 2024
MultiVersus Twitter teases big PS5 and Xbox return for LeBron and co.6 March 2024
All 253 Helldivers 2 planets are secretly connected5 March 2024
Valorant Xbox and PS5 console port release date rumors5 March 2024
Xbox Game Pass March lineup hits a home run with MLB The Show 245 March 2024
The First Descendant release date window and latest news5 March 2024
We almost didn't get FF14's decade-long first saga, reveals Yoshi-P5 March 2024
You can nab acclaimed PS Plus March games like Destiny 2 right now5 March 2024
Is Palworld coming to PS5 or PS4?5 March 2024
Warzone Season 2 Reloaded's new POI is a boat with bountiful boosts5 March 2024
Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Deluxe Edition fiasco was all down to 500mb5 March 2024
MW3 Season 2 Reloaded delivers on chaos, but not creativity5 March 2024
Helldivers 2’s game master reinforced with “emergency expansion”4 March 2024
The best PS5 horror games 20244 March 2024
This new SpongeBob Xbox will set you back 235 Krabby Patties4 March 2024
A remaster for this underrated PlayStation exclusive could be coming4 March 2024
Best HDMI cables for PS5 and Xbox 20244 March 2024
XDefiant Trophies are a breeze on PS5, but lack the perfect Platinum4 March 2024
WWE 2K24 reviews make a major (frog) splash on PS5 and Xbox4 March 2024
This Helldivers 2 galactic war tracker helps turn the Terminid tide4 March 2024
Honkai Star Rail 2.1 blesses you with more space for your trash Relics4 March 2024
Don't worry, FF7 Rebirth Performance Mode fixes are coming very soon4 March 2024
Helldivers 2 is the best third-person shooter since 20123 March 2024
TimeSplitters 4 prototype found on eBay and gameplay may emerge soon3 March 2024
Helldivers 2 devs squash meta worries: “use the one you like the most”3 March 2024
Gotham Knights was good actually, now it has a great PS Plus discount3 March 2024
Rise of the Ronin’s 8 epic combat styles flourish in new PS5 gameplay3 March 2024
Why Deep Rock Galactic is the perfect Helldivers 2 Xbox alternative2 March 2024
Suicide Squad really can’t afford to keep its Year 1 roadmap secret2 March 2024
Let the spice flow as Dune Awakening’s first major look is imminent2 March 2024
New Remnant 2 update finally brings PS5 and Xbox players together2 March 2024
Baldur's Gate 3 could have as many Xbox discs as party members1 March 2024
Dragon Age Dreadwolf studio "confident" in late 2024 release date1 March 2024
I'm worried Sony will learn the wrong lessons from Helldivers 21 March 2024
Silent Hill 2 remake release date window, gameplay, and more1 March 2024
Suicide Squad update leaves glaring Season 1 question unanswered1 March 2024
Pacific Drive’s controversial save setup is getting these vital tweaks1 March 2024
Destiny 2 may call back to Bungie's roots with iconic Halo-style mode1 March 2024
Crash Bandicoot devs Toys for Bob finally leave Call of Duty behind1 March 2024
Axed Mandalorian game was the Star Wars FPS of your dreams1 March 2024
Helldivers 2's vehicles drop early, but it might not be accidental1 March 2024
RoboCop Rogue City publisher debuts fiery Terminator Survivors trailer1 March 2024