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XDefiant Trophies are a breeze on PS5, but lack the perfect Platinum

With 13 remarkably simple Trophies and achievements to complete, XDefiant will be an easy bag of points for your PS5 and Xbox account.

XDefiant Trophy list Platinum leaked PS5: A soldier from the game wearing a mask and holding a weapon, looking to the left. On the right are the Gold, Silver, and Bronze PS5 Trophy icons.

Calling back to the so-called glory days of Call of Duty, Ubisoft’s XDefiant is one of the most promising FPS games PS5 and Xbox players will soon get to enjoy – if everything goes according to plan, at least. While its gameplay is certainly rewarding, the recently leaked XDefiant Trophies are significantly less so, with 13 easy tasks and seemingly no Platinum up for grabs for PlayStation players.

XDefiant’s PS5 Trophies recently surfaced online and the requirements for completion are surprisingly simple. With these challenges typically being identical to their Xbox Achievements counterparts – barring a Platinum Trophy, of course – it won’t take you long to get all the achievements in one what is likely to be one of the best FPS games and best multiplayer games out there.

What you’ll no doubt notice is that, aside from the unfortunate lack of a Platinum Trophy, all of these tasks are easy to complete just by playing as you normally would. From dealing damage to winning matches, these will simply take you a bit of time. The only two that require you to go out of your way to complete them involve playing five different XDefiant game modes and playing with a party. Remember though, a party doesn’t necessarily have to be a friend.

According to the leaked XDefiant Trophy list, the challenges are as follows:

  • MVP – Finish three matches as MVP (Gold)
  • Buzzkill – Cancel five enemy Ultras (Silver)
  • All Grown Up – Reach player level 50 (Silver)
  • Weapon Master – Level-up a weapon to level 50 (Silver)
  • Streaker – Achieve a killstreak of five or higher (Bronze)
  • Team Play – Get 50 assists (Bronze)
  • Exterminator – Get 50 kills (Bronze)
  • Winner – Win ten matches (Bronze)
  • Grand Tour – Complete a match in five different game modes (Bronze)
  • Damage Dealer – Deal 10,000 damage (Bronze)
  • Party Player – Complete a match in a party (Bronze)

This early Trophy unveiling follows on from various other small reveals, such as XDefiant Ubisoft Rewards, that suggest the XDefiant release date truly is on the horizon this time. If that’s the case, then we’ll be getting our hands on one of the most promising new PS5 games and new Xbox games very soon.

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All you have to do to prepare is keep up with the XDefiant meta, the best guns, and the best loadouts to use once it’s finally in our hands after several delays and vague promises. Once the launch has been and gone, we’ve got the exciting XDefiant Season 1 Rainbow Six Siege content to look forward to as well, so it’s only up from here.