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Ubisoft leaks its own plans for R6 Siege-themed XDefiant Season 1

A slip-up from Ubisoft reveals that XDefiant Season 1 will add a Rainbow Six Siege faction into the mix, suggesting that its release date is close.

XDefiant Season 1 Rainbow Six Siege: A female Xdefiant character wearing a black stealth suit and glowing green night vision goggles, next to a Blitz from Rainbow Siz Siege wearing an all-black military uniform

It seems that Ubisoft is finally close to getting XDefiant out the door, and one of the biggest hints that launch day isn’t too far away is the fact it’s leaked its own plans for XDefiant Season 1. Yes, really. On the shooter’s Ubisoft Connect page, details about its first season have appeared, and it looks like it’ll be themed around Rainbow Six Siege.

Not too long ago, XDefiant’s Ubisoft Rewards were unexpectedly added to Ubisoft Connect before being swiftly removed. Now, in a similar turn of events, XDefiant‘s product description on the app has been updated to detail the exciting Season 1 content that will expand on what is likely to become one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox.

“Season 1 introduces the Team Rainbow operators of GSK, leveraging their counter-terrorism training to disrupt their enemies,” the description reads. “They can deploy electrified barbed wire for area denial, counter incoming enemy devices with their Active Defense System, and dazzle multiple foes with flash charges mounted on their G52-Tactical Shield.”

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Fans of Ubisoft’s seminal Rainbow Six Siege will no doubt recognize these tools. Electrified barbed wire belongs to Bandit, the Active Defense System belongs to Jager, and the flashbang shield belongs to the one and only Blitz. While the XDefiant Year 1 roadmap did tease new factions coming to the game, and Team Rainbow was always a likely candidate, we now know that these iconic operators will be the first new additions to XDefiant’s roster.

With how XDefiant’s classes work, we’re not likely to see Bandit, Jager, and Blitz themselves, but rather characters inspired by their designs and kits. Most likely, the barbed wire and ADS system will be the two standard abilities you can choose from, while the G52-Tactical Shield will be the faction’s ultimate ability.

Given Rainbow Six Siege’s expansive roster, these additions are only scratching the surface of one of the best multiplayer games. Further down the road, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see even more of Team Rainbow’s iconic operators represented in XDefiant, though Ubisoft has plenty of other unique franchises to draw from for the new PS5 game and new Xbox game.

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The leaks of the rewards and the Season 1 content from Ubisoft suggest that final preparations are being made for the XDefiant release date, which is billed to arrive before the end of March. It seems as if things are on track, although XDefiant has missed deadlines before…

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