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Don’t worry, FF7 Rebirth Performance Mode fixes are coming very soon

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s director has revealed that a much-needed Performance Mode patch is on the way to improve the PS5 exclusive’s visuals.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Performance Mode improvements: A split image with Cloud looking surprising on the left, and Cloud, Aerith, and Red looking at the horizon on the right side.

It would be impossible to deny that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a stunning PS5 RPG. Well, at least in Quality Mode. FF7 Rebirth Performance Mode has been less than stellar so far, delivering a solid 60fps at the grave cost of blurry visuals. Thankfully, FF7 Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi claims improvements are on the way.

In an interview with OneMoreGame, Hamaguchi acknowledges the ongoing issues with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Performance Mode, claiming a patch is on the way to improve visual quality in the new PS5 game. “We’ve received a lot of feedback on whether the graphics in the performance mode will be improved or not. We hear you, and we are currently working on an update patch to improve that aspect. I don’t think the release date would be far away from now,” Hamaguchi explains.

As one of the best RPG games on PS5, Rebirth’s quality speaks for itself when it comes to narrative and gameplay, though players have been met with a difficult decision. Quality Mode offers up delicious 4K action at 30fps, which while stunning, often isn’t as slick as you’d like for a fast-paced open-world game. On the other hand, Performance Mode does give you smooth 60fps, but the visuals can leave a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to character shadows and general blurriness.

Thankfully, this issue is specifically mentioned by Hamaguchi: “We have heard from players that in certain situations, the facial lighting makes some character shadows look very scary. So that’s one part of the update that we are working on.”

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So, while Hamaguchi didn’t expand further on what this Performance Mode patch will bring altogether, we know characters will look better than ever.

This isn’t the first time FF7 Rebirth’s Performance Mode has seen improvements either. As part of the large update to the demo, which added the Junon region, Performance Mode received several visual improvements – though it still wasn’t enough, given that the problem persists at launch.

As one of the best PS5 games – and a top PS5 exclusive – the rocky performance at launch has been disappointing for many, though not nearly enough to put the incredible adventure down.

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