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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trophies leak reveals exciting (and cozy) new feature

From buying a house to venturing into another realm, the leaked Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trophy list teases great potential features in the anticipated RPG.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Trophies: A split image with a knight surrounded by fire on the left, with a ring of fire covering their chest, and an archer firing magic arrows at an enemy on the right side.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is already packed full of unique features that not only make it a worthy follow-up to its underrated predecessor, but also put it on course to be one of the biggest games of 2024. It doesn’t stop there though, as a new Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trophies leak reveals even more exciting features to look forward to on PS5 and Xbox, such as purchasing your very own home.

While it’s already expected to be one of the best RPG games on PS5 and Xbox, these new Dragon’s Dogma 2 leaks are the cherry on top. According to Insider Gaming, there are a total of 55 Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trophies to earn: 46 Bronze, six Silver, two Gold, and even a Platinum up for grabs. From this large list of achievements to work your way through, a handful stick out from the crowd and reveal potential unannounced features of the new PS5 game and new Xbox game. Of course, if you’re set on avoiding spoilers at all costs, it’s best to step away now.

The Trophy ‘A House? In This Economy?’ is reportedly earned after purchasing a house. While you could technically own a house in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, it was very barebones. In fact, you couldn’t even sleep in your own house. You’d have to head to the nearby inn for a bed for the night, as you do. With DD2 expanding on nearly every aspect of its predecessor, your player house will likely serve a useful purpose in your journey. Following widespread requests for house customization in Dark Arisen, it’s also a possibility that you’ll be able to customize your humble abode.

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Spicing things up even further, the ‘Plenty Arisen to Go Round’ Trophy suggests that your followers can even get into fights over you. The requirement reads: “Witnessed a brawl break out in your dwelling among your admirers.”

The leak also reveals that the popular Dragonforging mechanic from Dark Arisen is expected to return. Dragonforging let you upgrade your equipment above the normal level to get powerful equipment, and the ‘Dragon Forged’ Trophy teases its return, requiring you to strengthen a weapon in wyrmfire.

While it’s light on details, the Trophies also reveal a location called the Unmoored World, which is expected to be Dragon’s Dogma 2’s endgame activity. For example, ‘The Hero’ silver Trophy tasks you with overcoming the trials of the Unmoored World. Whether it turns out to be an endgame activity or not, the Unmoored World certainly sounds like a long and challenging prospect.

Lastly, these leaks also crush many fans’ hopes for a final secret vocation. With ‘Duo Destinies’, ‘Trickster of the Trade’, ‘Arrows and Incantations’, and ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of… All Trades’ covering the majority of the advanced vocations, there are no hints of an unannounced class tucked away. With that said, there is already a great deal of class variety in Dragon’s Dogma 2, so it’s not the end of the world.

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Below you can find the full leaked Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trophy list:

  • First Taste of Freedom – Escaped the bonds of slavery.
  • Arisen – Regained your memories of receiving the Arisen’s charge.
  • Seat of the Proxy – Arrived in Vernworth.
  • Across the Border – Passed through the gate at the border.
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Witnessed the unmoored world.
  • Peace – Became Sovran of Vernworth.
  • I, Talos – Helped the gigantus walk again.
  • Versatile – Changed your vocation.
  • Duo Destinies – Changed your vocation to mystic spearhand.
  • Trickster of the Trade – Changed your vocation to the trickster.
  • Arrows and Incantations – Changed your vocation to magick archer.
  • Jack of All Trades, Master of…All Trades – Changed your vocation to warfarer.
  • An In-Tents Adventure – Went camping.
  • A House? In This Economy? – Purchased a dwelling of your own.
  • One Speed Only – Boarded an oxcart.
  • The Savior – Used a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.
  • Just a Stone’s Throw Away – Used a Ferrystone.
  • A Badge of Honor – Acquired a pawn badge.
  • Gigantus, I Hardly Knew Ye – Defeated the gigantus in a short span of time.
  • Off with Its Head! – Decapitated a gorgon.
  • The Specialist – Reached the maximum rank in a vocation.
  • A Pawn of Many Talents – Taught your pawn a specialization.
  • Wish upon the Rift – Set a pawn quest.
  • Myrmecoleon Delights – Entered the rose chateau.
  • The Collector – Collected 80 Seeker’s Tokens.
  • The Philanthropist – Earned the affection of 50 people.
  • Affinity and Beyond – Raised a person’s affinity to the maximum.
  • Dragon Forged – Strengthened a weapon in wyrmfire.
  • This’ll Cure What Ails Ye – Soaked in the hot spring.
  • Cyclops Abridged – Crossed a cyclopean bridge.
  • Harpy Joyride – Summoned a harpy, grabbed hold, and took flight.
  • Quit Playing Dead – Revived two pawns simultaneously.
  • Dragon’s Dogma – Obtained Dragon’s Dogma.
  • The Barbecue-Maister – Grilled every type of meat during the night and day.
  • Nobles’ Night Out – Attended a palace masquerade in formal raiment.
  • Thought I’d Lost You – Restored the dead to life at a morgue or charnel house.
  • Before Dawn Breaks – Defeated the headless horseman
  • The Tourist – Discovered 50 locations.
  • Are We There Yet? – Boarded the phantom oxcart.
  • The Regriffining – Took flight on griffin wing a second time.
  • Back Where It All Began – Returned to Agamen Volcanic Island.
  • Plenty Arisen to Go Round – Witnessed a brawl break out in your dwelling among your admirers.
  • Roost of the Dragon – Reached Dragonsbreath Tower.
  • Hope You Brought a Lantern – Reached Drabnir’s Grotto.
  • To the Victor Go the Spoils – Reclaimed your items from the scavenger who stole them from you.
  • I’m In – Used illicit means to pass through the gate at the border.
  • Closure – Experienced the end of the cycle.
  • The Guardian – Led the people to safety in the unmoored world.
  • The Hero – Overcame the trials of the unmoored world.
  • An Eye for an Eye – Petrified a gorgon.
  • Getting a Head – Acquired a preserved gorgon head.
  • Reaper’s Scorn – Accomplished a miracle for several people all at once.
  • Full Marks – Found a solution to every conundrum posed by the goddess of riddles.
  • Master of the Maisters – Acquired every maister’s teaching.
  • The True Arisen – Collected all other Dragon’s Dogma 2 trophies.

Given this is a leaked list, there is certainly a possibility that there are additional Trophies in the full game, or that some of the requirements are tweaked. Nevertheless, you’ll have your hands full if you’re going for the prized Platinum on PS5. For Xbox players, this list will more than likely translate over as Achievements, bar the Platinum.

If you just can’t wait to start your adventure, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can already try the Dragon’s Dogma 2 character creation tool. Naturally, players have already created the most cursed avatars, including Dune 2’s Timothée Chalamet. In the meantime, check out our Rise of the Ronin preview for a glimpse at another superb RPG you will soon be able to sink your teeth into.