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For just $6 you can play the Red Dead Redemption port on Xbox and PS5

Rockstar Games’ shiny new Red Dead Redemption port is now on GTA+, and you can play it while claiming some tasty GTA Online benefits.

Red Dead Redemption GTA+ : An image of John Marston holding a wanted poster in Red Dead Redemption and the GTA+ logo.

If you’ve been eager to play the new Red Dead Redemption port on PS5 and Xbox, then we’ve got good news for you: you don’t need to cough up nearly $40 right now. Instead, we’ve got a cheeky workaround, thanks to GTA+, and it’ll cost you less than $10 to play it as part of Rockstar Games’ subscription service. 

While it doesn’t have many new PS5 games and new Xbox games compared to the big boys out there, GTA+ now has one of the best open world games ever made. Rather than forking out full price, all you need to do is take out a one-month subscription for GTA+, setting you back a mere $5.99/£4.99. You’ll get immediate access to Red Dead Redemption, as well as classic titles like GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA 3, and the highly underrated GTA Chinatown Wars.

Rolling credits on Red Dead Redemption’s story should only take around 20-25 hours, which means you can blast through it easily within your four weeks of membership. Or, you can choose to renew it again if you’re not quite finished with it. It’s a great deal if you’re a massive Rockstar Games fan, especially as you can’t even get access to some of these games on the PS Plus games list. You won’t find them on our rundown of the best Xbox Game Pass games out there, either.


Typically, GTA+ is tailored toward players jumping into GTA 5’s multiplayer game spin-off, GTA Online. However, alongside some hefty GTA Online benefits, Rockstar continues to add games from its back catalog. Accompanying Red Dead Redemption are the following incentives:

  • Monthly deposit of GTA$500,000
  • Access to claim vehicle-related benefits, such as test drives, discounts and early access to new releases, or bonus vehicles
  • Access to claim property-related benefits, including discounts and add-ons, or bonus properties
  • Outfits, liveries, and other cosmetic items
  • GTA$ and RP accelerator bonuses, as well as discounts on items
  • Access to Member-only Shark Cards for even greater value

While this port of Red Dead Redemption was initially disappointing, developer Double Eleven has addressed fan concerns. Now, the PS5 iteration of the game runs at a smooth 60 FPS, unlike its much beloved sequel. What really shines in this port is the inclusion of Undead Nightmare, which also makes Red Dead Redemption one of the best zombie games available.

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