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Do the Bunny Bash and get free skins in The Finals’ new Easter event

The Finals’ new Easter event is live now in Embark’s PS5 and Xbox FPS, as Bunny Bash ushers in free skins and more for a limited time only.

The Finals Bunny Bash: An image of The Finals Bunny Bash skins.

Your weekend plans just became clear: jump into The Finals Bunny Bash. Embark Studios is celebrating the way only it knows how, and that’s with eggplosive action and free The Finals skins to add to your inventory. However, this mode won’t be around for long, so here’s what you need to know about the latest The Finals update


We recently clocked that Embark Studios was hatching plans for an Easter event in The Finals, and now those suspicions have come to fruition. Bunny Bash is a fresh spin on Season 2’s Power Shift mode, which is essentially the wildest game of tug-of-war you’ve ever played in an FPS game. The new playlist splashes new The Finals map SYS$HORIZON with plenty of Easter-themed decor, but you won’t have time to worry about that while grinding for Bunny Bash’s rewards.

According to Embark, players can expect to “turn in contracts to earn prizes while duking it out in this special version of Power Shift.” Unlike the standard version of the mode, Embark details that Xbox and PS5 players will need to “work with a limited loadout during the event.” It’s a tougher path to the finish line in the free shooting game, but the rewards are worth your time.

The Finals Bunny Bash free skins: An image of The Finals Bunny Bash rewards.

You’ll be granted free skins for The Finals weapons such as the Model 1887 lever-action rifle, SA1216 shotgun, and SR-84 sniper rifle. Alongside this, there is a cute egg basket charm, an Easter-themed sticker, and some appropriately fun clothing to outfit your contestant with too.

If you fancy spending some hard-earned cash, then the Bank Rabbit bundle is available now to purchase for $19.99/£16.79. It includes 2,400 Multibucks, which is more than enough to purchase The Finals Season 2 battle pass, as well the Bunny jumpsuit featured in the game’s recent trailers. The Easter event will conclude on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, so don’t hesitate to get stuck in until then.

Bunny Bash will remain in rotation alongside other changes to the game’s playlists, too. We don’t know about you, but Cash Out is often the main place we go to master The Finals classes in battle. However, it seems that a vocal amount of players are making it clear that Bank It should stay.

The Finals Bank Rabbit bundle: An image of the Bank Rabbit bundle in The Finals on the PlayStation Store.

“We were planning on shuffling a few game modes to make room for Bunny Bash, but seeing the outpouring of love for Bank It from the community, we’ve decided to keep it. Thank you for always being so vocal when it comes to your experience in the game,” Embark clarifies in the latest The Finals patch notes. However, this doesn’t mean the game mode is completely safe from eviction, as the developer adds that it “may need to rearrange things in the future to make room for new experiences.”

Power Shift is one of the strongest aspects of Season 2 so far. While it has some caveats, notably pesky snipers that don’t contribute to the objective, fighting for control of the platform is an adrenaline rush we can’t get enough of. Paired with the game’s new weapons and fantastic cosmetics, The Finals continues to be one of the best Xbox games and best PS5 games available.

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