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The Finals could be hatching a plan for an eggsplosive Easter event

Embark Studios isn’t handing out any chocolate treats yet, but an Easter event might be on the cards for The Finals Season 2.

The Finals Season 2 Easter event: An image of the Bunny and Owl cosmetics in The Finals Season 2.

The Finals Season 2 hasn’t been out very long, but that doesn’t mean Xbox and PS5 players can’t look forward to some new rewards already. Following Embark Studios spreading Christmas cheer with its Happy Holidays event in December, we might be about to see the studio usher in another special occasion. Easter is right around the corner, and there’s already a clue for a new special event hiding in The Finals’ Season 2 trailer.

If you’ve been keeping track of one of the best FPS games around, you’ll have seen some pretty badass cosmetics in The Finals’ debut trailer for its current season. While we’ve spoken to Embark Studios about crafting some of its glorious 80s-inspired threads, one outfit we’re yet to see emerge is that cool, pink bunny jumpsuit. It’s the exact kind of ridiculous yet stylish fun we’ve come to love about the hit multiplayer game, but it isn’t anywhere to be found on the game’s new battle pass.

So where could it be hiding? Well, we reckon that Embark Studios is saving this for an Easter rollout, as Easter weekend will commence from Friday, March 29, 2024, until Monday, April 1, 2024. We wouldn’t be surprised if the studio also brings us some limited-time playlists. Perhaps an Easter egg hunt of sorts is coming to Skyway Stadium or Las Vegas?

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The game’s Happy Holidays event dressed The Finals’ maps in snow and Christmas decorations, while also rewarding players with both free and paid cosmetics, so with a bit of luck, that epic bunny costume could be earned in game. We’re not alone in thinking that Embark is cooking something up behind the scenes, either.

Players over on The Finals subreddit are keenly studying Embark’s every move as we approach Easter. “Yeah, I’m pretty egg-cited to run around in the finals as an Easter bunny,” jokes ‘Feeling-Cockroach-18’. Others like ‘HG21Reaper’ add that they want “a rotten egg skin for Gas Grenades and Easter skin for Grenade Launchers.” Embark has also updated the game’s store as of Wednesday, March 20, 2024, bringing players some cute, homemade-style Owl inspired cosmetics. Sure, it isn’t an Easter bunny, but there’s definitely something afoot.

It could coincide with some changes to Power Shift mode, too. The Finals’ recent patch notes indicate that Embark will be “adding new maps to this mode, so you can ride the platform to its destination in a whole new setting.” Currently, Power Shift mode takes place on The Finals maps Skyway Stadium and Monaco, with maps like Seoul, Las Vegas, and the new SYS$HORIZON currently out of play. We’re not so sure Embark would add an entirely new map already, but it certainly sounds like an existing map is getting retrofitted for the game mode.

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