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Diablo 4 leads an unbelievably good new batch of Xbox Game Pass games

Xbox Game Pass adds an excellent survival game, a star-studded horror game, and a brilliant arcade racer to its already-stacked March lineup.

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The second batch of Xbox Game Pass March games has been revealed, and while there are several games in there we already knew about, there are some very pleasant surprises too. Day-one releases like Lightyear Frontier and the addition of Diablo 4 already had us excited, but Xbox Game Pass will also be getting the likes of The Quarry, Ark Survival Ascended, and Hotwheels Unleashed 2 in the next couple of weeks.

Lets start on those newly-announced games that we didn’t know about first. Horror game lovers will be absolutely thrilled to hear that The Quarry is one of the new Xbox Game Pass games, because developer Supermassive is one of the best horror storytellers out there. With an excellent choice-driven narrative, it’s befitting that The Quarry cast comes with some serious star power. Film and TV stars like David Arquette (Scream), Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu), and Ariel Winter (Modern Family) all star. The Quarry hits Game Pass on March 20, so there’s really not long to wait.

Game Pass is also getting one of the best survival games in Ark Survival Ascended. A current-gen remake of the classic Ark Survival Evolved, it is a no-brainer that Xbox is adding it add to its subscription service.

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Not only are survival games super popular right now, with the likes of Palworld blowing up, but this could also be the beginning of a hype train for its upcoming sequel. The Ark 2 release date is still destined for late 2024, per the most recent official communications from developer Studio Wildcard, so putting Survival Ascended on Game Pass on April 1 seems like a great way to get people interested in the series.

While it’s certainly targeted at a younger audience, you also shouldn’t overlook Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged. While it flew under the radar for many, this was one of the best racing games of 2023 without a shadow of a doubt. A huge lineup of vehicles, completely bonkers tracks, and a suckerpunch of childhood nostalgia make it a super enjoyable arcade racing experience. Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 will be available from March 28 onwards, and you can read our review on it here.

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Other games we didn’t know about include the early access version of grand strategy game Terra Invictus, ludicrous third-person shooter Evil West, and the return of Superhot: Mind Control Delete to the Game Pass library.

While we knew Diablo 4 would be coming to Game Pass this month, today’s announcement gets us excited for it all over again. In a sea of amazing RPG games last year, Diablo 4 stood out as one of the best, and it continues to be supported with regular seasonal content.

There are also three day-one launches in MLB The Show (the best baseball sim out there), Lightyear Frontier (a cozy, Stardew Valley-esque farming sim that throws mechs into the mix) and Open Roads (a visually-stunning interactive narrative adventure). Lightyear Frontier and MLB The Show are actually available from today, so you can dive into those straight away.

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As we approach the new F1 24 game, F1 23 also powers its way onto Game Pass.

It’s a stacked lineup, and when paired with the games from the first half of March too, we think this might be one of the best months we can remember for new Game Pass additions. Our list of the very best Xbox Game Pass games is about to get a whole lot chunkier.

Oh, and if you find time in between all the amazing new games we’ve mentioned above, be sure to check out this underrated roguelike shooter that’s become our latest Game Pass obsession.