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New PS5 feature will use your game clips to help other trophy hunters

The new PS5 Community Game Help feature will clip your gameplay and transform it into handy tips guides to aid other PlayStation users.

PlayStation Community Game Help: A split image showing Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank with a slightly confused expression, and on the other side is a white Playstation logo on a blue background

Sony has revealed a brand new addition to its Game Help feature on PS5 that will automatically clip players’ gameplay and turn it into handy hints for those struggling to complete certain objectives, including trophies. PS5 Community Game Help will begin rolling out later this year to select titles, but Sony wants to “expand it to as many titles as possible in the future”.

We’d forgive you for not knowing about Game Help, as it is somewhat buried in the PS5’s UI. However, many of the best PS5 games – especially Sony’s own PS5 exclusives – are supported by Game Help, which sees developers provide hints and mini guides on how to get certain trophies, find collectibles, 100% complete levels, and more. Now, Sony wants to bolster this with some user-generated content from PS5 players.

Community Game Help will automatically create a short clip whenever you complete an objective in a supported game. This will then be reviewed by a moderator and then uploaded to that game’s Game Help section. Those using your footage for help can also rate its usefulness to give it more visibility to other users. While it’s certainly an interesting new feature for one of the best games consoles, we can imagine that this might set off alarm bells for some players – it certainly did for us, initially.

PS5 Game Help: a screenshot of the PS5 UI which shows the Game Help tab alongside various other menus

However, Sony stresses in a PlayStation Blog post that this is an opt-in feature and will only include the video and audio from the game itself – party chat audio or footage from webcams, for example, won’t be included in any clips created by Community Game Help. Consider those concerns squashed.

This is a pretty neat new addition for trophy hunters or less-experienced gamers that need a nudge in the right direction, but more interestingly in our view, it’s a small but clear push by Sony to encourage and highlight more user-generated content from PlayStation players.

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As mentioned, Community Game Help is arriving for select PS5 games “later this year”. We definitely expect popular first-party games to be first in line to get this new feature – the likes of Spider-Man 2 and God of War Ragnarok feel like prime candidates.

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