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You can help improve two important Helldivers 2 updates right now

Helldivers 2’s new mechs are awesome, but Arrowhead is listening to PS5 players when it comes to making them even better on the battlefield.

Helldivers 2 update vote to kick mechs: An image of a Helldiver and a mech in Helldivers 2.

Since the launch of Helldivers 2, developer Arrowhead Game Studios has been adept at bringing vital updates at a fast pace. That approach continues with the introduction of Helldivers 2 mechs, also known as the EXO-45 Patriot exosuit. While the latest Stratagem can wreak havoc in spades, avid PS5 players reckon it needs a simple tweak – and Arrowhead agrees.

You could help contribute to one of the best co-op games around too. In a recent social media thread, Helldivers 2 player and content creator ‘AllFatherMedia’ points out how ace it’d be if players could climb on top of a currently occupied mech. It is technically possible right now, but you’ll need to mess around with the Jump Pack or find a vantage point to do so. Taking note of the request, creative director Johan Pilestedt expresses “ah! Good point. Let me talk to [the] team.”

However, in true Helldivers 2 fashion, tweaking the powerful Stratagem needs to keep the new PS5 game exciting. Rather than just simply letting people jump on without any flair, Pilestedt wants to make it feel epic. “I’d like to keep it systematic instead of a ‘mount point’. It makes it more cinematic,” Pilestedt adds. While the creative director is suggesting his ideas, players are encouraged to keep chipping in their two cents, as well as helping to improve other areas of the multiplayer game.

Helldivers 2 update mechs: an image of Johan Pilestedt responding to Helldivers 2 players.

While the developer works on addressing the massive difficulty spike plaguing players, and balancing the game’s weapons, another issue is the ability to kick players. Sure, you can kick players out of your party right now, making it easier for your friends to join your squad. However, that’s a little petty, and we recommend just starting a new session – for democracy, of course. But there are instances where the circumstances warrant a kick for fairness.

One player, ‘AliveWonderland’, clarifies that “I’ve been removed from matches due to using a single Stratagem or particular weapon the host doesn’t like. People will kick for the tiniest reason.” To circumvent this obstacle, Pilestedt wants the community to reach a collective solution for the “hard to solve” issue: “We have some ideas but no conclusion. You know what, let’s try this: Hive Mind – do you have a design suggestion for how to improve this experience?”

The most common suggestion is a ‘vote to kick’ option, but Pilestedt believes it isn’t that simple. “I will ask the team to look at this thread and draw inspiration […] even though vote kick is the easiest, it has some downsides and there is always a better solution,” he expresses. With the next major update coming in just a few days, we reckon that this particular problem won’t be resolved just yet.

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