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A remaster for this underrated PlayStation exclusive could be coming

A Gravity Rush 2 remaster could be on the cards for PC and PS5, bringing the often underappreciated gravity-shifting title to current-gen hardware.

PS5 Gravity Rush 2 remaster leak: a PlayStation logo next to a blonde-haired girl wearing a brown outfit

Sony’s Team Gravity may be gone, but its spirit could be set to live on. A fresh report suggests that the physics-defying action game Gravity Rush 2 will receive a PC and PS5 remaster – a huge win for gravity shifters everywhere. What’s more, it could hit screens by the end of the summer.


The report comes from reputable Gravity Rush leaker ‘Orangee’ via the Team Alua Discord server. According to Orangee, we should be getting official word on the new PS5 game from Sony sometime in May. “If everything goes along with the schedule, then it’s going to be a late summer release,” they say.

As for what we may expect from the PS5 exclusive, Orangee says that they’ve received word that Gravity Rush 2 Remastered “will have a proper photo mode, at least they are testing it.” Though the online elements present in the original Gravity Rush 2 like Dusty Tokens apparently haven’t made the cut, online content will be accessible “via a new short side quest.” Phew.

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Orangee’s source for this originally leaked that a Gravity Rush movie was in the works and would be shown at CES 2024. This, as we know, materialized at January’s event with Sony giving us a brief glimpse of what it has in store for the franchise at 2:16 in the above video. As such, there’s some solid validity to what’s being said here.

While it may seem odd for a game series that’s often excluded from conversations surrounding the best games to grace the platform, it’s about time Gravity Rush got the kudos it deserves. Rocking a very respectable score of 80 on Metacritic, Gravity Rush 2 was a marked improvement on the original in several ways, and provided some of the most amazingly original movement and combat we’ve seen over the years.

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