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Helldivers 2 community’s biggest defeat yet could be down to a bug

The battle to save Helldivers 2’s galaxy from a brutal defeat could be in jeopardy, as game master Joel admits a huge bug is causing issues.

Helldivers 2 progression bug: An image of the Automatons in Helldivers 2.

The fight to defend Super Earth in Helldivers 2 is at a major turning point. As the game’s community bands together to prevent a major loss for Super Earth, Arrowhead Game Studios’ elusive game master Joel is reaching to address players directly. It turns out you might need to take it easy on the faceless puppet master for the moment, as this imminent loss is the result of a massive Helldivers 2 bug.

We don’t mean a bug of the Terminid kind, either. Within the breakout multiplayer game, you may have noticed that your efforts to liberate Helldivers 2 planets aren’t tracking correctly. Whether it is the lack of Medals from campaign completions or Major Orders failing to register, there’s something seriously wrong – and it’s contributing directly to Super Earth’s looming threats. Over on the Helldivers 2 Discord server, a message from Joel regarding the state of Arrowhead’s co-op game attributes this to an internal error.

“Helldivers! We’re aware of an issue with the Galactic War not tracking your effective spread of Liberty properly,” the mysterious game master says. The good news is that Arrowhead is on the case, and “investigating” the matter as we speak. Unfortunately, it seems to be an issue as big as a Bile Titan, as the studio doesn’t provide a timeline for hotfix.

Helldivers 2 progression bug: An image of the Helldivers 2 discord with a message from Joel the game master.

Instead, PS5 players will have to accept Arrowhead’s gratitude in the meanwhile: “[We] will keep you posted as soon as we understand the issue and have a fix to communicate to you. Thanks very much for your patience while we squash some software bugs.” If you initially thought that Joel was behind such egregious acts to diminish spreading liberty, we wouldn’t have blamed you. After all, the fall of Malelevon Creek was an inside job. However, Joel’s efforts to both wreak havoc and help players is growing far bigger than Arrowhead had anticipated, as the studio has deployed additional forces to help him.

While it may be disheartening to see your efforts on the frontline wasted, the game’s community is mostly at peace with losing to the Automatons and Terminids, for now.

The ongoing progression bug is present alongside the arrival of flying Terminids and major nerfs, to, well, Mother Nature itself. Hopefully the issue is resolved sooner than later, and we can take the fight to where it really matters in one of this year’s best PS5 games.

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