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Helldivers 2’s Chargers can fly now, and that’s terrifying

Helldivers 2’s new flying Chargers are pure nightmare fuel, but Arrowhead refuses to acknowledge its latest cursed creation on PS5.

Helldivers 2 flying chargers: An image of a Charger in Helldivers 2.

Out of all the Helldivers 2 Terminids, we reckon that Chargers are up there as one of the most annoying to vanquish. Chargers require precise coordination from your squad to eliminate, and that’s just while they’re bound to the ground. Now, reports from PS5 players of flying Charger sightings are emerging, and developer Arrowhead Game Studios won’t offer up an explanation.

Poor communication is usually a bugbear for players, but in Helldivers 2, it’s actually a big reason why it’s one of the best co-op games around right now. Arrowhead continues to stealth drop new threats and Stratagems, and you’ll need the latter to defend Super Earth from these pesky airborne foes. Spotted by Redditor ‘LoSouLibra’, they jokingly warn players that “flying Charger isn’t real. He can’t hurt you”, as they evade a grizzly death. The mere sight of these mutated Charger is enough to make any experienced Helldiver shiver, and we’re already hoping Arrowhead will introduce some devastating firepower to dispatch them with ease.

Flying variations of Terminids, known as Shriekers, have already been appearing infrequently in the hit multiplayer game, with the first sightings noting that this new vermin can only be dealt with if you destroy its nests. Lore wise, it suggests that the bugs are evolving, but this could be an adverse effect of recent orders from Arrowhead to spread ‘Termincide’ on particularly overrun planets. Surely it can’t turn more severe enemies like Bile Titans into flying critters?

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We certainly wouldn’t rule it out, as we know that we’ll be heading to the Terminids home planet eventually. But what is Arrowhead saying about the developing situation? While it works on further patches and deadly new weapons, creative director Johan Pilestedt is denying the existence of evolved Terminids. Perhaps Pilestedt is leaving all the fun to Joel, Helldivers 2’s now famous game master that is literally pulling the strings.

There’s still the matter of Dune-like Terminid worms to address, too. The decomposed remains of these bugs can be found on most Terminid planets, and sometimes, though very rarely, on Automaton planets in our own experiences. We’ve been helping out on the Terminid frontline recently, deploying the new EXO-45 Patriot mech whenever we can. Even with airborne beasties making battles harder, Helldivers 2 continues to be an excellent and addictive experience.

Helldivers 2 flying chargers: An image of Johan Pilestedt of Arrowhead on social media platform X.

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