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RoboCop Rogue City publisher debuts fiery Terminator Survivors trailer

Take the power back in Terminator Survivors, a gritty new open-world co-op shooter from the publisher behind RoboCop Rogue City.

Terminator Survivors: An image of a T-800 and a human in Terminator Survivors.

Movie tie-in games are back on the rise on PS5 and Xbox, with last year’s RoboCop Rogue City standing out as a highlight. Now, publisher Nacon is changing its cybernetic skin to that of a T-800, as the first proper Terminator Survivors trailer is here. There’s plenty to unpack from the upcoming co-op shooter, but we’re itching to see some actual gameplay.

The concept of an open-world game with Terminators sounds like bliss to us. Well, that’s if Terminator Survivors can execute it properly. The new PS5 game and new Xbox game is yet to receive a concrete console release date, but we’ll begin to see early access gameplay drop from Thursday, October 24, 2024, from PC players.

It could be one of the best co-op games of the year, but the first trailer might not be enough to persuade you just yet. Like the Nacon published RoboCop Rogue City before it, Nacon debuts a cinematic trailer for the project, rather than some gritty gameplay.

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Look, we get it, Nacon needs to set the tone and mood of the game. However, we want to see some T-800 skulls getting pulverized in-game. But even though a lack of gameplay footage is slightly disappointing, the trailer still delivers some thrills. Right now, Terminator Survivors looks like it is seriously channelling The Division vibes, one of Ubisoft’s best multiplayer games. It seems to feel a lot of like the first Division game, especially the tense atmosphere and prospect of danger around every corner.

Resources are extremely scarce and T-800s are studying your every move from afar. We’re really intrigued by the story itself, as players won’t be taking control of resistance leader John Connor or any familiar characters from the movies.

Instead, Terminator Survivors is set four years after Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and according to Nacon “the truth of the event is still muddied in half-truths as you emerge from a shelter to attempt and reestablish some semblance of society.” However, we wouldn’t be surprised if John Connor doesn’t pop up in some capacity. We’ll have to see what else Nacon has up its sleeves.

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