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Getting 1,000 Xbox Reward points a month has never been so easy

You can easily nab yourself 1,000 Microsoft Rewards points a month, and all you need is your trusty Xbox and a couple of minutes a day.

Rewards with Xbox: An image of Chai from Hi-Fi Rush and the Rewards with Xbox logo.

Aside from accessing a boat load of fresh Xbox Game Pass games on the fly, the Xbox app is useful for claiming a revolving door of Microsoft Rewards incentives. However, it can be a grind to rack up enough points for the better prizes. The good news is that we’ve spotted a new Microsoft Rewards campaign that can earn you over 1,000 points in a month with minimal effort required.

If you’re saving up for some new Xbox games, then the recently overhauled Microsoft Rewards scheme isn’t to be overlooked. Xbox owners should head over to the iOS and Android app, as you’ll find the new ‘Weekly Console Bonus’ campaign waiting for you.

Granting you a hefty total of 250 points (or a boosted 275 points if you’re a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber), all you need to do is play your favorite Xbox titles for five days in a row. That could be anything from the growing list of the best Xbox Game Pass games, or maybe one of the slickest FPS games around, such as The Finals.

Rewards with Xbox: An image of the Weekly Console Bonus on the Xbox App.

The campaign resets every Monday according to the app, meaning you can comfortably earn 1,000 points across the space of a month. What makes this even more lucrative is that there doesn’t appear to be any time restrictions involved when it comes to ‘playing’ a game, making it extremely quick and easy.

After booting up my trusty Xbox Series S to play a couple of minutes of Bethesda’s RPG game titan Starfield, the first block of my reward scheme is complete. Currently, there’s no end date in sight for this campaign, so you should be able to rinse it for the foreseeable future.

 Microsoft has been tinkering with the Xbox app and its rewards for the last few months, with initial reports of a complete shift in vision beginning back in November last year. There are other ways to bolster your points balance, like using Microsoft’s Bing search engine for everyday queries or simply booting up new Xbox Game Pass games.

Logging into the Xbox app daily is worth it, too, as you’ll add a few bonus points to your tally just for keeping up the streak. It isn’t an enormous amount, but it’ll keep your account ticking over toward the bigger rewards worth saving up for.

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