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Suicide Squad update leaves glaring Season 1 question unanswered

Rocksteady Studios is making Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 1 a high priority, but one question still needs to be answered.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League new update Season 1 launch: An image of Harley Quinn and the Joker in Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is in a worrying spot right now. Despite the promise of seasonal content and fresh playable characters like the Joker, Rocksteady Studios has been facing a myriad of technical challenges on PS5 and Xbox. Now, the latest Suicide Squad update sheds light on what Kill the Justice League has in store for Season 1 – with one aspect still left unchecked.

There really is a fun shooter within Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. Despite major issues like the Loading Metropolis bug, when Rocksteady’s new multiplayer game rises up through its obstacles, it soars. Season 1 could be a drastic turning point for the new PS5 game and new Xbox game, and Rocksteady is making the launch a priority: “Our main focus right now is getting the whole game ready to receive our free Season 1 update this month, which includes the new playable character Joker, as well as new gear, environments, and more.”

The Joker’s inclusion is the first of four new playable characters headed to the game, with notable DC Comics villains like Deathstroke all but officially confirmed. However, as Rocksteady is trying to get Kill the Justice League into a stable state, it confirms that it “won’t be releasing a patch next week as we dedicate ourselves to testing fixes and making sure they’re ready for implementation.” This is somewhat disappointing given that players are still unable to use matchmaking correctly – or even get into the game at all.

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However, the biggest omission from this new Suicide Squad update is the lack of a confirmed Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 1 release date. The Joker’s arrival, alongside other major content, was initially teased in the Elseworlds episode of Suicide Squad Insider – that was on Monday, January 22, 2024.

The co-op game was released a few days later, and word on seasonal content has been dry since then. With disappointing internal reports from Warner Brothers too, Kill the Justice League can’t afford to piecemeal any meaningful communications to its players.

It’s a shame as Kill the Justice League has the potential to be an essential multiplayer game, thanks to rich lore and best-in-class combat that has had us hooked for 60+ hours since launch. Captain Boomerang alone is enough reason to spend some time blasting Brainiac’s goons. Hopefully Season 1 isn’t the end of the beginning.

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