PS5 deals – expand your library without breaking the bank

Whether you enjoy the likes of Far Cry 6 or Grand Theft Auto V, we've got a broad selection of PlayStation 5 deals for you to look through.

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What are the latest PS5 deals? Those lucky enough to be the proud owners of a PlayStation 5 will fully appreciate all of the benefits of the console’s ultra high-speed SSD hard drive, cutting down load times and making gameplay as smooth as possible. And with Sony’s latest and greatest console now more available than ever, following years of post-launch scarcity, it’s the perfect time to check out the latest PS5 deals if you are yet to revel in its delights.

Boasting a library of games that’s permanently expanding, and a bunch of PS5 exclusives to discover, the PS5 is a guaranteed fun machine. The problem is, of course, that games and hardware are so expensive. That’s just a fact of the modern gaming landscape. While you may want to pick up some of those best PS5 accessories you’ve been eyeing to bolster your experience with all the lovely new PS5 games coming out, the reality is that deals don’t come around as often as many of us would like.

Well, that’s where we come in. Like Peter Parker swooping in to save somebody from a burning building in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we’re here to rescue you from being consumed by the flames of disappointment. We’ve gathered tons of great deals on PS5 games, hardware, and accessories to help make playing the best PS5 games a slightly more affordable experience.

Here are the best PS5 deals:

Best PS5 deals: consoles

PS5 console deals

There aren’t any active deals for new PS5 consoles, though that’s not to say there won’t be in the future. During the summer of 2023, Sony slashed prices in multiple markets, and we expect further opportunities to get the launch console for a great price, especially when the new PS5 Slim release date rolls around.

The lowest we’ve seen the PS5 drop to in the US so far is $449.99 for the standard model, as part of a Target promotion that arrived in August 2023. Meanwhile, the same model has gone as low as £399.99 in the UK and €459.99 in Germany, while other parts of Europe and India have also received discounts.

That said, you can save a few bucks by going for one of Amazon’s Renewed consoles, which the retail giant says are “professionally inspected, tested, cleaned, and refurbished as necessary by Amazon-qualified suppliers.” You won’t get that new console smell, but the extra cash in your pocket is worth considering sacrificing it for.


PS5 console bundles

While you won’t be finding many bargain bundles in the US right now, across the pond in the UK things are looking much better on the deals front. Here are all of the best PS5 console bundle deals:

  • EE UK – PlayStation 5 disc console and extra DualSense controller £499.99
  • EE UK – PlayStation 5 disc console, FC 24, and extra DualSense controller £559.99
  • Very UK – PlayStation 5 disc console Modern Warfare 2 bundle £479.99

Best PS5 deals: games

PS5 games deals

Here are the best PS5 games deals on the latest releases:

For more great deals on PS5 games, check out the full list of discounts currently available on Amazon in the US here, and in the UK here.

Best PS5 deals: accessories

PS5 accessories deals

There are countless PS5 accessories out there, from the best PS5 controllers to the best PS5 headsets, charging stands, faceplates, and more. For the latest PS5 accessories deals, you can check out what Amazon has on offer in the US here or the UK here. Meanwhile, here is our bespoke selection of the best PS5 accessories deals:

How much is a PS5?

While the PS5 launch model has increased in price in certain regions since its release, its $499.99/$399.99 (Standard/Digital) RRP has remained the same in the US. With the introduction of the PS5 Slim, however, there have been some pricing tweaks across the board to the Digital Edition.

Here are the current PS5 prices:

PS5 (Launch)

  • US – $499.99
  • UK – £479.99
  • EU – €549.99
  • JP – ¥60,478

PS5 (Digital Edition)

  • US – $399.99
  • UK – £389.99
  • EU – €449.99
  • JP – ¥49,478

PS5 Slim (Launch)

  • US – $499.99
  • UK – £479.99
  • EU – €549.99
  • JP – ¥66,980

PS5 Slim (Digital Edition)

  • US – $449.99
  • UK – £389.99
  • EU – €449.99
  • JP – ¥59,980

Should I buy the PS5 Digital Edition?

We recommend against buying the launch PS5 Digital Edition unless you have no intention of trading in your games and have an internet connection and data cap that can handle big game downloads. However, if you are looking for the cheapest outlay on a PS5 console, then this is the way to go.

The PS5 Digital Edition is a great way to enjoy the full power of the PS5 but at a reduced cost thanks to the omission of a disc drive. But this does come with some major downsides:

  • No way to trade in games – If you like to trade in your games and make a few bucks back to put towards that next AAA, then you won’t have the option to do so on the DE which will likely make it a more expensive option than the standard model long term.
  • No Blu-ray drive for other media – If you’ve got a fat stack of Blu-ray movies to watch, or CDs to play, then the DE won’t offer the same media hub capabilities as the disc version.
  • More data to be downloaded – As every game will need to be downloaded you’ll ideally need a high-speed internet connection, as well as a beefy or even unlimited data cap to facilitate the 100s, if not 1000s of GBs of data you’ll be loading onto your console.

Aside from that, the PS5 DE maintains the exact same features as the standard model, albeit in a slightly skinnier package. You’ll still have access to 4K 120Hz gaming, as well as all the premium PS5 features like 3D Audio and full DualSense support – the innards remain exactly the same as the standard model – at a much lower price.

Should I wait for the PS5 Slim?

Unless you’re desperate to get your Christmas gaming in ASAP we’d recommend waiting until the PS5 Slim arrives. The Blu-Ray disc model will retail for the same as the original launch model – $499/£479.99 – while cutting down on size and retaining the same raw gaming power.

With a US launch window slated for November 2023, Sony says the PS5 Slim will eventually phase out the original launch console model over a number of months, and become “the only model available” once the current launch inventory has sold out. While it sounds like a dead cert, however, there are factors to be considered when weighing up the two.

  • Second-hand availability could increase
  • The PS5 Slim’s modular disc drive adds versatility
  • The PS5 Slim Digital Edition’s price hike over the launch DE
  • The PS5 Slim vertical stand is an extra expenditure

Firstly, as players look to downsize their existing PS5 console for the slender Slim, we could see an increase in the number of second-hand launch models appearing on the market. This is great if you’re looking for the cheapest possible price, at the expense of the console’s limited warranty and some excess dust (condition-depending, of course).

However, if you’re looking to buy new then the Digital Edition Slim now represents an excellent value proposition that the launch DE model didn’t. Thanks to the modularity of the additional Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, you can pick up the DE for $449.99/£389.99, and upgrade it to a disc-based version later on for an extra $79.99/£99.99. This does bring the total cost to greater than if you’d just picked up the disc model in the first place, but it does give the option to save on the initial outlay. If you’re hurting for storage space at any point, then picking up one of the best PS5 SSDs is our choice of alternative to the BD drive while the price of memory is as low as it is currently.

On the topic of price, it should be noted that the Digital Edition Slim will retail for $50 more than the launch model does now. As such, if you’re not fussed about discs and want to pick up a shiny new PS5, then investing now will save you in the long term.

One annoying foible you’ll have to factor into your purchase decision is how you wish to mount your PS5. While the Slim does come with a horizontal stand, you’re going to have to shell out an extra $29.99/£24.99 for a vertical stand if you want to keep it standing securely. Granted, third-party options will likely become available at a snip of the price soon after the Slim launches, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

And that’s our full rundown of all the best PS5 deals you can get your mitts on right now. With your new console, games, and accessories in tow, you now have limitless entertainment at your fingertips. If you’re looking to show off your skills through livestreaming, then be sure to check out our PS5 streaming guide for more on how to get started, as well as some of the best products you can get your hands on to take your content creation to the next level. Have fun!