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PS5 deals - the best discounts on consoles, bundles, games, and more

Our round up of the best PS5 deals right now will not only help you save big when buying your new console but on games and accessories too.

PS5 deals: Two PS5 game boxes, and PlayStation 5 console, a controller, and a headset all set against a green background

What are the latest PS5 deals? Those lucky enough to be the proud owners of a PlayStation 5 will fully appreciate all of the benefits of the console’s ultra high-speed SSD hard drive, cutting down load times and making gameplay as smooth as possible. And with Sony’s latest and greatest console now more available than ever, following years of post-launch scarcity, it’s the perfect time to check out the latest PS5 deals if you are yet to revel in its delights.

Boasting a library of new PS5 games that’s always expanding, which includes several critically-acclaimed PS5 exclusives, the PS5 is a guaranteed fun machine. The problem is, of course, that games and hardware are so expensive. That’s just a fact of the modern gaming landscape.

Well, that’s where we come in. Like Peter Parker swooping in to save somebody from a burning building in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we’re here to rescue you from being consumed by the flames of disappointment. We’ve gathered tons of great deals on some of the best PS5 games, console bundles, PS5 accessories, and much more to help make things as affordable as possible.

Here are the best PS5 deals:

PS5 deals: The two versions of the PS5 Slim console and a PS5 DualSense controller set against a light green background

PS5 console deals

Up until the tail end of 2023, discounts on PS5 consoles were very rare. However, as we get deeper into this console generation, things are changing. The PS5 Slim model (which is identical inside to the original PS5, but has a sleeker new look on the outside) is now out and has ushered in some great deals. Plus, it sounds like a PS5 Pro model is on the way in the near future, which is also why base models of the PS5 are starting to have their prices knocked down.

Right now, if you’re in the US, the cheapest way to get a new PS5 console is to actually buy the widely-available Spider-Man 2 bundle. This bundle, which you can also find in our console bundles section below, is incredible value. It’s currently cheaper than the price of even the Digital Edition console on its own. So, not only do you save on the cost of the more expensive PS5 model, you get an incredible game thrown in as well.

However, things are different for UK readers. While you sadly can’t purchase the Spider-Man 2 bundle, there are discounts to be had when buying the PS5 on its own.

For a limited time, the PS5 with the disc drive has a healthy 15% discount, bringing it down to just £409 at several retailers, including Amazon.

For the PS5 Digital Edition without the disc drive, the cheapest place to pick one of those up right now is actually direct from Sony for £389.99. However, given you can get the version with the disc drive for just £20, that’s the one we’d recommend getting.

PS5 deals: A white PS5 console and box art for FC 24 and Spider-Man 2, set against a green background

PS5 console bundles

Here are some amazing PS5 console bundle deals that will throw some excellent new games or extra hardware in when you buy your new console. As mentioned above, US readers should absolutely act while they can on the Spider-Man 2 bundle, which is incredibly good value. There are also plenty of great options for UK readers too.

  • EE UK – PlayStation 5 disc console and extra DualSense controller £439.99
  • GAME UK – PS5 disc console + FC 24 £429.99
  • GAME UK – PS5 disc console + Tekken 8 + The Witcher 3 £449.99

Best PS5 deals: games

PS5 games deals

Here are the best PS5 games deals on the latest releases:

For more great deals on PS5 games, check out the full list of discounts currently available on Amazon in the US here, and in the UK here.

Best PS5 deals: accessories

PS5 accessories deals

There are countless PS5 accessories out there, from the best PS5 controllers to the best PS5 headsets, charging stands to faceplates, and much more. For the latest PS5 accessories deals, you can check out what Amazon has on offer in the US here or the UK here. Meanwhile, here is our bespoke selection of the best PS5 accessories deals:

How much is a PS5?

While the PS5 launch model has increased in price in certain regions since its release, its $499.99/$399.99 (Standard/Digital) RRP has remained the same in the US. With the introduction of the PS5 Slim, however, there have been some pricing tweaks across the board to the Digital Edition.

Here are the current PS5 prices:

PS5 (Launch)

  • US – $499.99
  • UK – £479.99
  • EU – €549.99
  • JP – ¥60,478

PS5 (Digital Edition)

  • US – $399.99
  • UK – £389.99
  • EU – €449.99
  • JP – ¥49,478

PS5 Slim (Launch)

  • US – $499.99
  • UK – £479.99
  • EU – €549.99
  • JP – ¥66,980

PS5 Slim (Digital Edition)

  • US – $449.99
  • UK – £389.99
  • EU – €449.99
  • JP – ¥59,980

Should I buy the PS5 Digital Edition?

We recommend against buying the launch PS5 Digital Edition unless you have no intention of trading in your games and have an internet connection and data cap that can handle big game downloads. However, if you are looking for the cheapest outlay on a PS5 console, then this is the way to go.

The PS5 Digital Edition is a great way to enjoy the full power of the PS5 but at a reduced cost thanks to the omission of a disc drive. But this does come with some major downsides:

  • No way to trade in games – If you like to trade in your games and make a few bucks back to put towards that next AAA, then you won’t have the option to do so on the DE which will likely make it a more expensive option than the standard model long term.
  • No Blu-ray drive for other media – If you’ve got a fat stack of Blu-ray movies to watch, or CDs to play, then the DE won’t offer the same media hub capabilities as the disc version.
  • More data to be downloaded – As every game will need to be downloaded you’ll ideally need a high-speed internet connection, as well as a beefy or even unlimited data cap to facilitate the 100s, if not 1000s of GBs of data you’ll be loading onto your console.

Aside from that, the PS5 Digital Edition maintains the exact same features as the standard model, albeit in a slightly skinnier package. You’ll still have access to 4K 120Hz gaming, as well as all the premium PS5 features like 3D Audio and full DualSense support – the innards remain exactly the same as the standard model – at a much lower price.

Following the PS5’s facelift and the new PS5 Slim design, Sony now sells a detachable disc drive so that Digital Edition owners can essentially upgrade their console at a later date – however, this isn’t as cost-effective as just buying the disc version of the console to begin with.

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In summary then, if you’re confident that you won’t want to get any physical media to play on your PS5, then it’s worth saving a few dollars and opting for the Digital Edition. If you’re not confident, definitely go for the slightly pricier disc drive model – especially if you can get it discounted or as part of a great bundle.

Should I wait for the PS5 Pro?

While Sony hasn’t officially announced that a PS5 Pro is coming, a mountain of leaks from very reputable sources claim that it is, and that it’ll likely arrive in late 2024. So, does that mean you should wait a little longer and buy the Pro version of the PS5, rather than the current model?

Well, judging by the leaked specs that have emerged so far from the likes of Insider Gaming, the PS5 Pro will have some decent upgrades. Reports suggest it’ll squeeze 10% more performance out of the CPU, have up to three times better Ray Tracing performance, and will have a new feature that can upscale old 1080p games into 4K. Rendering is reported to be 45% faster than the standard PS5, and 3D Audio will also apparently get an upgrade on the PS5 Pro.

So, if you really want to enjoy games in the best possible quality without dipping into the high-end PC market, the PS5 Pro will no doubt be your best choice. If that sounds like you, we’d definitely recommend holding fire and not buying a base model PS5 just yet.

However, for a lot of console gamers, the benefits of the Pro probably won’t be felt. If you haven’t got one of the best TVs or monitors that can support top-end graphics, or if playing games in the best quality possible isn’t at the top of your priority list, then the standard PS5 is definitely powerful enough to see you through the rest of this console generation until the PS6 release date arrives.

And that’s our full rundown of all the best PS5 deals you can get your mitts on right now. With your new console, games, and accessories in tow, you now have limitless entertainment at your fingertips. If you’re looking to show off your skills through livestreaming, then be sure to check out our PS5 streaming guide for more on how to get started, as well as some of the best products you can get your hands on to take your content creation to the next level. Have fun!