Hollow Knight Silksong release date speculation, platforms, and more

Are you trying to find out the Hollow Knight Silksong release date? We've put together a guide with everything we know about the newest Metroidvania game

hollow knight silksong release date princess dashing with needle

If you love great art and Metroidvanias, you’ve probably played Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight. The developers are hard at work on its sequel – Silksong – which continues the story of the Hallownest and brings back the series’ tough-as-nails Dark Souls style boss fights, alongside level exploration that unlocks more and more as you get new abilities and items.

Hollow Knight Silksong will follows on from the events of the first game, which was one of the most lauded indie games of 2017. So, if you’re looking forward to returning to the Hallownest as a new character and continuing the story of the first game, you will want to know the Hollow Knight Silksong release date so that you can prepare.

We’ve found out all the latest information, so read on below to find out everywhere we know about when you can jump back into the Hollow Knight universe for equal amounts of excitement and tears.

Hollow Knight release date rumours

Hollow Knight Silksong will be released before June 12, 2023. This information was revealed during the Xbox Showcase, where a gameplay trailer of the Metroidvania was first shown.

This information is according the official Xbox Twitter account, which announced that everything seen at the Xbox showcase will be available to play in the “next 12 months.” We don’t know about you, but knowing that we will be playing Silksong within a year has us hyped.

Hollow Knight platforms

We know that Hollow Knight is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and PS5. This is great news for players who haven’t yet got their hands on the latest consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

PS5 and PS4 support was confirmed for Hollow Knight Silksong in a tweet from PlayStation on September 16, 2022.