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New Spider-Man 2 update lets you finally swing into New Game Plus

The new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update introduces not only the long-awaited New Game Plus mode, but new features, suits, and more on PS5.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 update New Game Plus: Miles Morales in his signature black and red suit, next to the PlayStation logo

After months of waiting it’s finally time to return to New York City and get reacquainted with your favorite web-slinging duo. That’s right, the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update has finally arrived, bringing with it the hotly-anticipated New Game Plus mode. Version 1.002.000 of the PS5 exclusive also boasts new features, Spidey suits, and more.

Before you get to buddy up with Miles and Peter again, you will need to make sure your copy of one of 2023’s best games is fully updated. Developer Insomniac Games says there are two updates you’ll have to download, with the second arriving immediately after the first one. If you’ve only received the first one, the studio recommends using the “Check for Update” feature on the PS5 home screen to trigger it manually.

Once you’ve navigated the rather odd dual update, the world (or at least the Big Apple) is your oyster. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s New Game Plus mode has been a long time coming, with fans clamoring for its enhanced replayability since the PS5 exclusive launched back in October last year.

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Here are all the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 New Game Plus features:

  • Ultimate Levels: Go beyond the base game level cap in NG+
    • Note: Ultimate Levels are NOT tied to any difficulty
  • Symbiote Suit Styles: Unlock new story symbiote suit styles via Ultimate Level progression
  • Golden Gadget Styles: Upgrade your gadgets with exclusive Golden looks
  • Suit Tech Fusion: Unlock both perks in a shared Suit Tech slot
  • PlayStation Trophy: Unlock a new trophy for completing the story in NG+

On top of New Game Plus, version 1.002.000 is also introducing a host of exciting new features, including the ability to replay missions, change the time of day, and even switch up the color of your symbiote tendril. There are also new suits available for Miles and Peter: Hellfire Gala, which comes bundled with the update, and the Gameheads Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack which can be purchased separately.

Of course, with all this fresh drip you’re going to need a way to display it. Fortunately, the addition of Action Figure Mode and new stickers to Photo Mode will ensure your creations come out looking their best. For the full list of changes, check out the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 1.002.000 release notes here.

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